For the Atlanta Braves, the Time is Now

The Atlanta Braves have won eight consecutive games, including two dramatic walk-offs in their last three games. They lead the NL East by 2.5 games. They have Dallas Keuchel coming up in the near future. Only one other in the National League has a better record than the Braves. Now may be a great time […]

MLB Teams and Players off to Disappointing Starts

The 2019 MLB regular season isn’t even a month old yet, but enough baseball has been played for us to be surprised by a few things. Early-season statistics must be taken with a grain of salt because not much has stabilized yet on an individual player basis. There’s still more than five months for things to […]

The Difference Between Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting

Fantasy Leagues have been proliferating since the past few years. There used to be times when only a few significant players existed in the world of fantasy tournaments in which you could participate, but now the equation has changed. These leagues are all over the web and have started to catch the attention of sports […]

Which Casino Games are Easiest for Beginners?

For those new to the world of casinos and gambling, knowing which games to start off with can be tricky. Perhaps you are completely new or maybe you just want advice on guidance on the best games to kick off with – either way, these games have easy to understand rules in common, making them […]

How to Start Betting on Cricket?

Are you planning to start betting on cricket but not certain what to do or how to start? If yes, then our post for today is perfect for you. In this content, we will guide you over different the steps that you need to complete so that you will be able to start betting. So […]


Online casinos are widely popular these days because people are able to sit at home and gamble rather than venturing in an expensive night out at an actual casino. They are easily accessible, and they enable people to make real money which is why people enjoy them so much. If you want to indulge in […]

The Best Races to Attend for in Horse Racing Fans

Horse racing is having a revival.  The sport was a huge part of American culture in the early to mid 1900’s, but slowly decreased in popularity.  However, with the popularization of online gambling, more and more people are paying attention to what goes on at the track even if they are not physically present.  Many […]

deGrom and Sneel Nab the Cy Young Awards

Winning an individual MLB award is always an incredible honor, but there are certain instances where it’s more special than others. Wednesday night provided one of those moments as Jacob deGrom and Blake Snell both etched themselves in history as Cy Young winners for their respective leagues.  deGrom was the favorite to win the NL […]

The NFL Keeps Getting Bigger

A year ago, the NFL was in the midst of a PR crisis with players and ownership at odds over kneeling during the National Anthem.  Fans responded negatively to the political debate and based on the ratings, the NFL suffered as a result. In 2018, the kneeling issue has been essentially put to rest and […]

Week 10 Betting Odds: National Football League

The National Football League (NFL) is back where 32 teams from National Football Conference and American Football Conference will chase each other giving us the champions for the Super Bowl, February. North America warmly welcomes this 17-week regular season where they will catch Falcons and Vikings like thunderstorms. Are you the one of them who […]

Days of Thunder: Breeder’s Cup Day 2 Races

There were days when humans were leveraging horses to chase their enemies or in transportation. Those times are gone now. This new dawn has bring $30 million for the people who still believes in those Unicorn tales. Exactly.. the Breeders Cup World Championship where finest Thoroughbred chase each other to wear winning crown is here […]

MLB Pitchers Who Could Use a Reset

There is no baseball player on the planet who wouldn’t take a strong start to a season. While gaining positive momentum is a wonderful thing, every ballplayer also knows that what appears to be a solid campaign can be soured in an instant by struggling as they cross the finish line.  Starting pitchers are the […]

Tips on Buying a Sports Ticket Online and Saving Money.

There are a lot of websites out there to buy game tickets online. With so many options we want to offer you some tips on getting the best deals on your favorite sports team tickets. Shop around With so many sites that offer you the ability to buy game tickets, it can be hard to […]

TWIBH Episode 60: No One Believes J.R. Richard

J.R. Richard is a longtime favorite of both of ours: lightning fastball, unhittable slider, questionable control, and in the words of Carson Cistulli, “the baddest there ever was.” He’s also one of baseball’s real what-might-have-been stories, as 38 years ago this week (after months of complaining of fatigue and medical issues that no one else […]

TWIBH Episode 59: Gene Conley and Pumpsie Green Go on Walkabout

56 years ago last week, two-sport star Gene Conley and long-delayed-first-African-American Red Sock Pumpsie Green got off the team bus and just kind of…disappeared for a while. Conley longer than Green. It was very weird, and they were both very weird, interesting characters, so they and their “intentional walk” are our topic for Episode 59. […]