>Saturday Beer Review: Fat Weasel Ale

>As The Common Man sat down in the Mancave to watch the Ohio State-USC mismatch, he was supported by freshly baked sugar cookies and a bottle of Fat Weasel Ale, a thoroughly satisfying beer out of New Ulm, MN. Though not fancy, the Fat Weasel is a terrific option for a variety of scenarios, from tailgating to a fine compliment to steak dinner.

It’s primary benifit is that it has flavor without being at all intrusive. Though an ale by name, the natural bitterness of the ale is subdued significantly. Thus, it allows the flavor of whatever you’re eating to come through. Or, if you’re simply drinking with the guys, the flavor won’t get in the way of mass consumption, like the extreme bitterness of an IPA might.

What sets this beer apart, and perhaps may make it ideal for nights out with the boys or days drinking in a parking lot or field (I’m looking at you, Deacon), is the high alcohol content. At 7.1% ABV, this is easily the most alcoholic beer The Common Man has reviewed on this site. The alcohol, undoubtedly, covers a great deal of the ale’s natural flavor, but it also might result in a day to remember (or perhaps not to remember).

For instance, if The Common Man were an Ohio State fan, he’d be drinking this beer in copious amounts from now until midnight. If you’re in desperate need, Buckeye fans, head to your nearest Trader Joe’s and grab a sixer or two. Follow them up with a couple of Aleve and a large glass of water. Wake up tomorrow and avoid any and all media outlets, and you won’t even care that you don’t remember how disappointing tonight was for you.