>Saturday Beer Review: Point Einbock

>Mother Nature has kindly resolved The Common Man’s conflict this week, postponing Game 3 of the World Series, and allowing The Common Man to college football without guilt or the fear that he’ll miss something switching back and forth. Indeed, the conflictingly scheduled game is the bane of the sports fan’s existence, leading to self-doubt (which game should you be watching?), disappointment (you missed the double-reverse, flea-flicker TD pass), and, worst of all, bad karma (as the game you decide is most important to you will ultimately end poorly).

To celebrate his reprieve, The Common Man cracked open a Point Einbock, a local brew out of Stephen’s Point, WI, that The Common Man had sampled a few weeks back. Indeed, hoping to improve his karma and his manly rooting talents, The Common Man knew he needed to drink a big beer, one with full body and flavor. Indeed, to have the testosterone to root properly, The Common Man strongly believes that only good, strong beer will prime your manly pump. Indeed, any beer drunk solely on the basis of its “drinkability” will leave your rooter on empty by the start of the third quarter.

Point’s website brags that its Einbock “is hand-crafted utilizing the finest Munich and Vienna styles of specialty malts with a blend of Bavarian Hallertauer hops.” It starts relatively smooth and flavorful, but has a strong bite on the back end. Still, the bite is not overbearing nor does it discourage further consumption. Rather, its a reminder to slow down and enjoy the beer’s ample caramel and fruit flavors. It is a manly bite, sure to put hair on your chest and drop your voice by at least an octave. Perfect for gameday.