>Saturday Beer Review: Summit Extra Pale Ale

>Sometimes, when you drink a beer is just as important as what beer you drink and how it tastes. Case in point: today, The Common Man tackled Summit Extra Pale Ale.

Normally, he wouldn’t be a fan given its overall hoppiness. However, since The Common Man had finished mowing the yard just before cracking it open, and he was enjoying a warm, Indian Summer day in the middle of fall, the Summit hit the spot.
It’s the Prairie Home Companion of beers. You have to be in the right mood to enjoy it. Otherwise, it would be pretty annoying, with Garrison Keillor’s overplayed folksiness and his utterly unnecessary singing.

The Extra Pale Ale is the flagship of Summit Brewery, light bronze, and, as The Common Man has mentioned, awfully hoppy. However, the hops are tempered somewhat by a light caramel flavoring. The beer is light and perfect for warm summer days, but flavorful enough for real beer drinkers.

However, it’s not a beer for lazy drinkers. The Common Man walked away from his pint glass with about a half-inch of carbonated-malt goodness remaining because The Boy woke up from his nap. By the time he got back (about a half-hour later), the beer was flat and lifeless by then. So down it fast, while it’s still cold and fizzy. And enjoy.