>SweetSpot Roundup 12/7

>Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): Transaction Analysis
CAC has the skinny on the latest acquisitions in Atlanta

Disciples of Uecker (Brewers): Brewers Acquire Shaun Marcum
“Each team gets what they want here, and in terms of value, I think, as do experts, that both teams received a fair deal here.”

Fungoes (Cardinals): Berkman in left or right? Why not both?
Gotta be honest, I don’t see any way this deal works out well for the Cards.

View From the Bleachers (Cubs): I’m gonna miss you, Ronnie
A remembrance for Ron Santo, for a long time the best player not in the Hall of Fame. Hopefully this gets corrected soon.

Dodger Thoughts: Amid the flurry onthe mound, quiet times in left field (for now)
The left-field situation resembles what we expected the No. 5 spot in the starting rotation to look like. Journeymen, kids and babies.

Bay City Ball (Giants): BCB Welcomes New Author
Welcome Otis Anderson to the show that never ends…

Mets Today: Non-Tender Highlights
Joe assesses the new free agents that might be of interest to Sandy Alderson and the Mets.

Nationals Baseball: Werth Deal – longer thoughts
“Werth though has been consistently good the past few years… when healthy. That’s the key. If he’s healthy he will likely give the Nats 2-3 more excellent years and that’s the point really. A terribly expensive point to make, but the point nonetheless.”

Ducksnorts (Padres): Okay, Now What?
In the wake of the Adrian Gonzalez deal, Geoff takes stock of what’s left in San Diego.

Crashburn Alley (Phillies): MLB Playoff Expansion
“The potential financial gains from the expanded playoffs haven’t been quantified, but they’re sure to be substantial, and there is no question that they are what motivate Selig. This aspect probably deserves a bit more than bitter dismissal; we are all, after all, fans of baseball, and changes that swell the coffers and perhaps increase public interest ultimately have at least some value to us.”

Redleg Nation: An Open Letter to Walt Jocketty
An early Christmas wish: “As you begin the annual Winter Meetings, there is only one request that we, the Nation, have for you, the General Manager of our beloved Cincinnati Reds. Please acquire a hard-hitting left fielder.”

Fire Brand of the American League (Red Sox): The Red Sox Weren’t a Playoff Team Without Adrian Gonzalez — and That’s Why They Pulled the Trigger
Mike, among other things, hits on something I wish more people would take note of (and something I said on the podcast the other night): the Red Sox gave up all those great prospects for one year of Adrian Gonzalez, not seven or eight or what have you.  They’d get those years anyway, and all it’d have cost them is money.

Sox Machine (White Sox): Konerko at center of Winter Meetings
Jim doesn’t think the Jayson Werth lunacy was so crazy that it won’t have the effect of setting the market.  He’s a smart guy, that Jim.  (I’d probably go so far as to say it won’t even impact the Crawford deal at all.  But I’m not all that smart.)

The Daily Fungo (Tigers): Monday Mankowskis: Winter Meetings Edition
“Now that Jayson Werth has sign a gargantuan deal with the Nationals — the Nationals? — Detroit is left to shoot for the moon (i.e., Carl Crawford) or swing another blockbusterish trade.”

Royals Authority: Brace for Impact
A lengthy, pretty coldly (refreshingly) realistic look at the possibility of trading Zack Greinke at the Winter Meetings.

Nick’s Twins Blog: The Myth of Injury-Prone
Great stuff by Nick, on our tendency to ascribe, well, tendency to what really is only random chance.  Here as it has to do with J.J. Hardy, who is a lot more likely to have been unlucky than brittle at this point.

It’s About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): Help Wanted: Utility Infielder
Will breaks down internal and external options for help when A-Rod or Jeter have hip replacement surgery or bingo night or whatever else old guys have to do.

Pro Ball NW (Mariners): Winter Meetings Day 1
Mariners-related news and rumors from baseball’s big annual gossip fest.

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): Maximizing Assets
Prashanth wants Michael Young to move to first base to make room for Adrian Beltre.  Very intriguing, at the least.

And at The Platoon Advantage: Bill has plenty of words about Eric Chavez on his thirty-third birthday.