A Holiday Message From the TPA Crew

Dear readers,

As you know, we’re knee deep in the holiday season. Chestnuts are roasting. Bells are ringing. Choirs are singing.  The Common Man is in Scottsdale.

We at The Platoon Advantage wish you only the best this time of year. Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or not, regardless of your personal beliefs, we hope you and your families have a wonderful week or so.

We may be popping up on occasion over the next week with our usual insight. But in case we don’t, please have a happy New Year and thank you for another year of reading The Platoon Advantage. Thanks also to everyone who commented on our posts or linked to them. We wouldn’t be successful…heck, we wouldn’t be doing this…if not for you. You’re the best.

We can’t wait for another great year of baseball, and of writing about the game we love best. We hope you’ll join us.

Happy Holidays!

The Common Man, Bill, Mark, and Jason