>Joe West’s Crew

>By The Common Man

Tonight, Joe West ejected Ron Gardenhire in the 8th inning for arguing that Danny Valencia did not foul off a pitch.  Much has been made about West’s incompetence and confrontational nature (including by TCM here).  But his attitude seems to have rubbed off on his fellow umps.  The following is a list of all the ejections TCM was able to find that have been made by Joe West and his crew in 2011:

Date Name role Umpire
4/12 Bud Black Mgr Angel Hernandez
4/22 Brad Arnsberg Pitching Coach Paul Schrieber
4/22 Brad Mills Mgr Joe West
5/4 Joe Maddon Mgr Joe West
5/4 BJ Upton Player Chad Fairchild
5/4 John Farrell Mgr Chad Fairchild
5/5 Terry Francona Mgr Angel Hernandez
5/9 Ron Gardenhire Mgr Joe West

Is this a lot?  Nine guys so far?  The Common Man feels like it is.  Teams have played between 30-35 games so far, so this is roughly one person thrown out of every 3.5 games.  And this may not even be a complete list (if you can think of others, please let us know).  TCM doesn’t know what other crews’ ejection rates are like, and this seems abnormally high, and is a direct result of this incompetence and open hostility to the players and managers of the game.

It’s a shame, because TCM was really hoping that Joe West would have learned something from his experience the other night about how it feels to be ejected.  We’ll continue tracking this for the rest of the season, or until Joe West gets fired.