>The Twins Facial-Hair Face-Off: Griffith Region

>By The Common Man

Yesterday, The Common Man mused on his way home from work about the 1991 Twins, and their most mustachioed of men, Brian Harper and Shane Mack. And as he pondered the awesomeness of all that facial hair, The Common Man wondered, if their mustaches threw down and fought each other, which one would win? As much as he wanted to, The Common Man couldn’t answer the question by himself, so he’s turning to you readers.

It’s tournament time in some sport or another, so we’re going to expand this contest to include 32 Twins beards and mustaches. It will be your jobs to decide who wins each matchup to advance to round 2, which we’ll hold tomorrow. First, review the candidates below, then vote in the poll for each region.  (We’re getting some questions on this, so please note that there’s a link below to move on to the next region.) Vote early and, like White Sox fans do, vote often.

(Note:  Voting is closed for the first round.  Please feel free to vote in the second round here.)


Bracket 1: Griffith Regional

#8 Ron Davis vs. #1 Ken Landreaux

Ron Davis grows a mustache as well as he closes baseball games.  Ken Landreaux’s mustache must have been as hard to sculpt as his name is to spell.

#4 Alvaro Espinoza vs. #5 Larry Hisle


The little gap in Espinoza’s mustache always gets The Common Man.  Hisle’s mustache was straightforward.  All business.
  #6 Lyman Bostock vs. #3 Disco Dan Ford


A mustache cut short in the prime of youth for Lyman Bostock.  Dan Ford’s mustache is ready party.

#7 Ron Washington vs #2 Gary Ward


No, Ron Washington never did cocaine in the 1980s, why do you ask?  Ward’s mustache is as solid as Ford’s, but he’s got a nice soul patch too.
Now, take the poll below to determine who advances to the Sweet Sixteen, then click here to vote on the best facial hair from the 1987 World Series Champs.

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