Change Is Here

We have news! Well, a bunch of it! And it’s exciting!

We’ve been keeping a secret from you, which has been difficult because Cee is the worst at secrets, but we’re excited to announce that TCM, Cee, and I have been invited by SB Nation to join their growing team of writers. You’ll start seeing us pop up all over the place a total of about nine times a week — on their various team pages, and also Baseball Nation. We’re all incredibly excited about the opportunity to branch out and join a phenomenal collection of sites that figures to keep getting better, and we expect this to be a mutually beneficial relationship that will develop and expand over time. The good news is that we’ve already started (surprise!) and Cee and TCM have already kicked us off and you can already find their posts on Mets’ Jon Niese and on the Yankees’ lack of Mariano Rivera. So, head over to SB Nation and take a look around…and since we’ll be writing on all of the team sites, it’ll be like a little The Platoon Advantage scavenger hunt to find us–and if you do, say something insightful in the comments, just like you’ve done here. We’re humbled to join the writers already providing amazing content there, and if you weren’t already reading Rob Neyer and things like Jon Bois’ Sports Cards for Insane People and Grant Brisbee’s baseball fan’s pseudo-review of Trouble with the Curve, I don’t even know what to tell you — and be ready for a whole lot of us.

But fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), this means remarkably little for what you’re used to. TPA is still going to be here, and we’re still a part of TPA, as are David and Jason. We’re also working on adding more quality writers to make sure the content keeps flowing. The first is the very funny and insightful Michael Clair from Old Time Family Baseball, whose debut should be up tomorrow, and we’ll be announcing more soon. So if you’ve been coming here on a regular basis, you should keep doing that; if you haven’t, now’s as good a time as any to start.

In addition, TCM and I will be keeping up our regular gigs at Baseball Prospectus and Getting Blanked, and Cee will be keeping up Baseball Prose. We’re really busy people all of a sudden, but we’re busy with something we love to do, so that shouldn’t even count, really.

So thanks for your attention, go check us out on SBN, come back here later for Michael’s big debut, and, um, I don’t know, go team?