Pop Quiz, Hot Shot

Just thought of this this morning in a conversation on Gchat with Sam Miller, but The Common Man thinks it would be incredibly fun and interesting to do a baseball word-association game to give us all a better idea of how each of us sees and knows the game.  We all come at baseball from a slightly unique perspective, and something like this pop quiz might not only teach us about each other, but about ourselves.  So, without thinking about it (and no cheating, we’re all on our honor here), use our comment section to tell The Common Man the first words, people, or things you think of when you hear the following phrases:

1) Rance Mulliniks

2) Ron Kittle

3) Montreal Expos

4) Cleveland Spiders

5) Bill Veeck

6) Sacrifice Bunt

7) Charlie Leibrandt

8) Walk-Off Homerun

9) Ryan Howard

10) Mickey Mantle

Ok, there are no wrong answers, although you’re almost certain to be mocked, so prepare for that.  TCM has written his down and will share them with the class later today in the comments.