Stephen Strasburg Inning Limit: The Game

Perhaps you’ve heard, but there’s been a bit of rumbling that the Washington Nationals might decide to limit the number of innings that Stephen Strasburg is allowed to pitch this year.

As the brightest star in the Nationals rotation, Strasburg’s health has been of utmost concern, especially since he returned to the roster post-Tommy John surgery. The Nationals have been clear in their message: Preserving Strasburg, even if it means putting him on a inning limit, could be nessecary to ensure success in future seasons…but the specifics about what that really means have yet to be defined. 

Will the Nationals limit Strasburg’s innings? 

What happens if it’s a tight race in the NL East and there’s high-leverage situations leading into the playoffs?

What if the Nationals make the playoffs?

There are so many questions and speculation around what will happen with Strasburg this season, we here at The Platoon Advantage have decided to take a different approach: We’ve decided to turn the Inning Limit into a game. 

How the Game Works

We will create a table containing all possible Innings Pitched by Stephen Strasburg (his final season total, including playoffs), and you can select up to 2 values. Squares can be reserved on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. If you select a value that has already been reserved, we will contact you and allow you to make another submission. 

The deadline for selecting squares will be Wednesday, August 22nd

After the 22nd, we will post a copy of the table so that everyone can track their picks, and at the end of the season, we will take a look at Strasburg’s Innings Pitch Total for the 2012 season (plus playoffs), and the participant that got the closest without going over will be the winner. 

What Does the Winner Get?

The winner of the Stephen Strasburg pitching game gets free Tommy John surgery. No, we’re just kidding. The winner will receive a fantastic prize that will include a currently undefined piece of baseball memorabilia. The prize won’t suck, I promise. 

This Sounds Fun! How Do I Enter?

To enter the Stephen Strasburg Inning Limit Game, you’ll need to follow these Four easy steps!

1. Send us an email with “Stephen Strasburg Inning Limit: The Game” in the subject (or SSILTG, if you will)

2. In the body, include the number of innings you think Stephen Strasburg will have pitched by the end of the season (inning limits can range from 133.1 to 210.0 IP). You may select UP TO 2 values. *NOTE: Your guess should INCLUDE any post-season innings pitched. 

3. Include your Name, Email Address, and Twitter handle (if you have one)

4. We’ll send a confirmation as soon as we’ve processed your submission and have ensured that those values are still available.  If the values you have chosen are no longer available, you may select again, before the deadline. Remember: Squares are available on a First Come-First Serve Basis. 


Good Luck Everyone…and share with your friends.