Using WAR in Everyday Life


By Mark Smith
At this point, I hope you understand Wins Above Replacement. If not, I’lldirect you to FanGraphs or some such site that can give you a betterexplanation. If you don’t understand the exact differences between fWAR andrWAR (or bWAR; I understand that they’re the same thing and what the “r”stands for, but which is the “right” one?), that’s okay. I don’t really either.All I really know is that they’re just a good way to compare players, and youcan’t cross-compare (3 fWAR does not equal 3 rWAR). I suppose that I understandthe components and the general differences, but once you get technical, I’mpretty lost. Anyway, because I love the logic behind WAR for baseball, Iwondered if it would work in everyday life. I’ve come up with a few suggestionsfor how to use it elsewhere, but I use it in the BPro sense (no not justbecause of our new association, though I’m not above brown-nosing) because it’smore fun to say WARC than cWAR. I’m all about aesthetics, really.
WARA (Wins Above ReplacementAccents): Some accents are more pleasing to the ear than others. TheBoston-New England is worth 1 WARA because it’s there and mostly irritating.Classy Southern accents grade out to 5 WARA, but redneck Southern accents gradeout to -1 WARA because they’re just atrocious. Best grade probably goes towhatever Adriana Lima was using on last night’s Super Bowl commercials show.
WARB (WAR Broadcasters): WhenI watch Braves games, I really, really miss Boog Sciambi (7 WARB) because ChipCaray (2 WARB – he’s sometimes entertaining) and Joe Simpson (0 WARB – I can’tthink of a good thing about him). Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver grade out to like-4 WARB because that’s about as low as my arbitrary rankings are willing to go.
WARC (WAR Cookies): M&M= 9 WARC. No-bake = -1 WARC. If you’re not going to bake the cookie, then it’sjust not a cookie, and shame on you for being lazy. Besides, no-bake cookiesare gross. Now, give me an M&M Doozie from the American Cookie Company, andthe system will break from the sheer awesomeness.
WARD (WAR Desserts): ChipBuck is still under the belief that cake is better than pie, but according tomy highly scientific system, pie gets 7 WARC WARD while pie cake comes in at 2 WARC WARD. It’sscience. What can I say?

WARF (WAR … who cares, I justwant a metric that sounds like him)
WARG (WAR GameofThronesCharacters):This is my post, so I get to use whatever rules I want to, okay? Plus,there are “wargs” in the book, so there. Tyrion Lannister gets 12 WARG. LisaTully is like a -1 WARG because she’s a #$%^&. Ned probably gets a 3 WARGbecause he’s got principles but is too stupid to see the long-game. I couldtalk about this one all day, and we should have it out in the comments.
WARJ (WAR Julius): OrangeJulius equals 2 WARJ because I just don’t get the hype. Julius Caesar was likea 5 WARJ, but his career ended early due to repeated stabbings. Julius Ervingis worth like 7 or 8 WARJ because he’s just a bada$$.
WARK (WAR Keebler): ChipsDeluxe only rates at 2 WARK because they’re perfectly average, but with therainbow chips, they’re like 4 WARK. EL Fudge is like 3 WARK. Cinnamon Grahamsare like 3 or 4 WARK, but the rest are like 1 or 2 WARK. Club crackers = 8WARK.
WARL (WAR Lunch): Cold pizza= 3 WARL. Sandwich = 1 WARL. Chick-fil-a = +∞ WARL.
WARM (WAR Muffins): Banana nutmuffins and zucchini bread muffins come in at a cool 6 WARM. Blueberry is like2 WARM. Bran muffins don’t even get a number because they’re just gross. Yes, I’mhungry while writing this post. Why do you ask?
WARN (WAR Nintendo): I oncetried to play Zelda. A roommate brought it to the apartment to beat it again,and after he had, I tried. Once I learned what the hell Z-targeting was, I gotbetter. But it became an event for several of my friends to watch, really justheckle, me while I played. I became so self-conscious that I refused to evenattempt the Water Temple, and the idea of the game still sparks a slight spikein blood pressure because of the anxiety.
WARO (WAR Ocean): Atlantic =2 WARO. Pacific = 4 WARO. Eleven = 5 WARO. Twelve = 1 WARO. Thirteen = 3 WARO.
WARP (WAR Posts): This one =0 WARP.
WARQ (WAR Quarterback): AaronRodgas = 8 WARQ. Drew Breeze = 7 WARQ. Peyton Manning = 8 WARQ. Tim Tebow = 140WARQ. Again, this is science.
WARR (WAR Rascals): Who’syour favorite little rascal, Alfalfa or Spanky?
WART (WAR Twins): I wasgonna go with something else, but I wasn’t sure if it was okay to talk about80085 on here or not. Nick Punto gets whatever the highest score is.
WARZ (WAR Z-words): “Zanzibar”gets like 4 WARZ because it’s really fun to say. “Zephyr” gets 3 WARZ forbasically the same thing, but I refuse to look up what it means. “Zesty” gets 6WARZ because it makes me feel that way when I say it. And any words that end in“z” that shouldn’t (ie. kidz) get -2 WARZ because that’s just stupid.
Several letters were left out, but I’ll let you use your imaginationinstead of expecting me to do everything for you.