And Now, A Serious Request Made Smart-Assedly

Writer on The Platoon Advantage, conscientious citizen, and (more importantly) our friend Michael Clair has a bit of a big thing going on this weekend, as he does his second annual Blogathon on his own site, Old Time Family Baseball.

Mike’s going to be posting up there every half hour on Saturday with fresh (not pre-written) content. I have no idea how he’s going to do that. God knows I have enough trouble writing 3-4 pieces a week, but God love ‘im, I have faith in Michael Clair’s ability to do 48 in one day. Like any great athlete, I hope he stays well hydrated and paces himself. Then, while he presumably rests on Sunday, he’s got a number of guest bloggers lined up to provide content, including all the other TPA contributors (me, Bill, Cee, me, Jason, Bryan, me, David, and me) and many, many other (probably better) writers.

But Michael’s not just doing this for his health, he’s raising money for Doctors Without Borders, the excellent non-profit that sends clinicians and other medical professionals to some of the most desperate regions in the world, where medical help is otherwise in essentially no supply.

So please, visit his site this weekend, donate to Doctors Without Borders (which, by the way, will enter you into a raffle for all kinds of cool prizes), read a bunch of cool stuff written by Mike and his friends, and lend your support to the Kenyan long-distance runner of baseball blogging.

Good luck, Michael!