The MLB Fan Cave Advantage?

[Pre-note: It's not like the contributors here at The Platoon Advantage to toot their own horns, but I'm the new guy so maybe I can get away with it.]

Not only are pitchers and catcher headed to Arizona for Spring Training, but it looks like so is The Platoon Advantage contributor Michael Clair. Mike, a talented writer and all-around funny guy, has been selected as one of the 30 finalists to spend the baseball season in sweet, sweet lockdown at the MLB Fan Cave in New York City.

At any rate, Michael has been campaigning to be one of the I-don't-know-maybe-nine? people selected to serve time spend time in a studio space that is something of a cross between Cooperstown, Folsom Prison, and a sweet soda commercial. If you'd like to check out his (quite funny) video application, you can find it here, along with the other 29 folks who are finalists. And, while I *don't* wish that all the rest come down with scurvy and are unable to make it to Arizona, thus sealing Mike's victory, it probably wouldn't pain me if they did.

In all seriousness, if you're already reading this site, you're probably a fan of Mike. And really, how could you not be? I know that all the contributors here at the site are, and he'd be a welcome, smart, savvy addition to the Fan Cave family.

Wish Michael luck in Arizona, and root for him the same way you'd root for your favorite team! The Fan Cave would be better off for having him in it.