Is Sonny Gray Worth the Blockbuster Price?

Why is everyone talking about Sonny Gray? If you have steered clear of MLB related news for two years, that question might not make sense to you. But the Sonny Gray of two years ago isn’t exactly the same Sonny people are seeing today. Looking at the baseball odds offered by major sportsbooks, it seems like Sonny is the big conversation these days.

And Sonny matters now more than ever because the non-waiver trade deadline is approaching. If you have a team in the MLB, then you have probably already begun circling Oakland’s right hander. Of course, you should know that you are in competition with the likes of the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros.

The Milwaukee Brewers are probably the most troublesome because of how aggressive they are approaching the hunt. Then again, if even the Seattle Mariners are throwing their hat into the ring, then your chances of fixing your starting pitching problems with Sonny Gray are probably not so terrible.

The 27-year-old is already earning in excess of three million dollars and, since finishing third in the American League Cy Young voting as an All-Star, one cannot deny the fact that the right conditions can turn Sonny into an Ace.

Right now anyone looking to get Sonny Gray must be ready to pay a blockbuster price. But one cannot help but wonder whether Sonny deserves the hype. The athlete’s 2.67ERA in a dozen regular appearances was definitely impressive when he first appeared in 2013.

Along with Justin Verlander, the pair delivered performances that set them apart in the playoffs as stars in the making. Naturally, if that Sonny Gray was the subject of so much hype, no one would bat an eye.

And Sonny never even looked like he could perform. At his height and weight, Sonny is the furthest thing from imposing but that only made his record that much more impressive.

That Sonny would probably frown at the 2016 Sonny who populated way too many disabled lists due to injuries. The athlete has done nothing to rehabilitate his record in 2017, having been sidelined for the first month of this year due to injuries.

Because of his small size, questions about Sonny’s durability cannot be ignored. His pitching hasn’t been right for some months and his recent figures, though impressive, have done little to encourage some of his detractors.

Sonny is fortunate in that he has been healthy as of late and his fastballs have been the hardest in two years. While his 3.66 overall ERA leaves something to be desired, the athlete’s peripherals are actually encouraging.

So maybe the hype is deserved and Sonny has reclaimed his glory from two years ago. Someone is going to pay that blockbuster price for Sonny. It will be a team which believes that he has retained his status as an Ace and that he has more room to improve.

The Mariners, the Braves, and the Cubs cannot afford Sonny right now, and the Astros would be wasting resources because the difference he will make won’t be that drastic. The Yankees and the Brewers, on the other hand, could make something of his presence.

Regardless of who takes Sonny, they will be taking a chance, one that might or might not pay off.