Looking ahead to the Fall Sports Season

The summer is nearing an end, and that means that the baseball season is also coming to a close. As we wrap up yet another great year in major league baseball, it’s time to take a turn from focusing on baseball betting to thinking about the fall sports and what wagers can be made in the months ahead.

Clearly the most popular sport to bet on is football. Both the NFL and college football have fervent fans who love to wager on the weekly contests. Football lends itself well to betting due to the fact that there is only one game per week for each team, which allows folks to analyze the matchup in-depth and determine which team they would like to bet on. This fact, combined with the overwhelming popularity of the sport make it the top choice for bettors.

In the NFL, a lot of money has been wagered on the New England Patriots to repeat as Super Bowl champions. There has not been a repeat champion since the last time that the Patriots went back-to-back with titles, winning Super Bowls 38 and 39. With Tom Brady once again at the helm, the Patriots are favored to at least win the AFC. Whether they will have the same luck that they did against the Falcons when they face the NFC champion remains to be seen. However, smart money would put the Patriots to at least win the conference and represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

On the college side of the equation, the Clemson and Alabama rivalry has never been stronger. For the past two years these SEC rivals have each won the title and this third year could be the rubber match between the Tigers and the Crimson Tide. I think most people feel that Clemson was fortunate to come away with the win this past January and the smart money is on Alabama to bounce back and claim yet another NCAA title.

This brings us to the NBA and NHL, which should definitely not be forgotten. I think it’s safe to say that nobody is beating the Golden State Warriors as long as Steph Curry and Kevin Durant remain healthy. It’s a 1-2 combination that simply cannot be defeated. Even LeBron James himself could not compete with that duo. In hockey, the Penguins have repeated as Stanley Cup Champions and are poised to make a third go at winning the Cup. Two long post-seasons have undoubtedly taken their toll on the Pens and it’s hard to say if they will have the stamina to make it all the way to the Cup Finals again. I would advise staying away from the Penguins. I think that the Rangers or Senators are the best bets to make it out of the NHL’s Eastern Conference.

Of course, you can never know what will actually happen, which is exactly what makes sports so rivetting. It’s a thrill a minute and I personally can’t wait for the fall to get here so that we can enjoy all of these great sports and the excitement that they bring.