Previewing the AFC East

The start of the NFL season is one of the most anticipated times of the year. Fans from across the country take great interest in rooting for their teams and hoping that this will finally be the year that they get to hoist the Lombardi trophy. As we close in on the NFL Kickoff on September 7th, it’s important that we analyze both conferences to determine which teams are the best to place long-term bets on at sites like

Today we will be focusing in on the AFC and analyzing the top contenders from this Conference. Starting from the top is none other than the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. The Pats narrowly escaped with a win in last year’s title game against the Falcons. That game was clearly the most exciting in the history of the NFL, as the only overtime Super Bowl game ever played. However, the Patriots are not content with last year’s success. This is clearly evident based on how the team approached the off-season. Bill Belichick did his usual wheeling and dealing and stacked up an impresive amount of skill players to complement Tom Brady. At age 40, Brady may just be poised to have his best season yet given the amount of talent around him. Could Brady possibly win a record sixth Super Bowl and enhance his matchless legacy even further?

Up next are the Pittsburgh Steelers, who lost to the Patriots in the AFC title game. The Steelers are looking to finally overcome their nemesis once and for all. To do that, they will need to stay healthy, which has not always been the easiest for Pittsburgh to accomplish. Ben Roethlisberger does not take care of his body nearly as well as Tom Brady, and as he’s aged, questions of his durability continue to arise. He will need to stay on the field if the Steelers have any chance of winning the AFC this year.

Next up are the Oakland Raiders, who had a real impressive season last year after many years in the NFL’s basement. Derek Carr and his health will once again be critical to this team’s success. The Raiders can’t afford another devastating injury to their star. The Raiders were poised to potentially have the AFC’s #1 seed before Carr’s injury took them out of serious contention. While the team made the playoffs, they had an abysmal showing in the post-season. Nobody could really blame them though since they were missing their star. I would expect Oakland to have yet another strong year with Carr back behind center.

And then when it comes to the AFC South, it’s anybody’s guess who will win that division. I think it’s safe to say that whoever does take the division title will only do so by default. I would bet heavily on the top Wild Card team to dethrone the AFC South champ in the playoffs, and you can take that one tot he bank.