5 Fun Family Activities To Do On Your North Dakota RV Trip

Traveling on the road in an RV is only part of the trip. The other part is the activities that you’ll actually do once you arrive at your destination at the campground or park.

After all, you’re not just going to sit around and do nothing are you? If not, then it will be a good idea to plan out the outdoor activities you want to do ahead of time. If you’re not sure what you’ll want to do, this article should be of some help.

Here are the five fun activities you can do with your family on your North Dakota RV trip:

1- Hike

Hiking is an excellent opportunity to get in some good exercise while also being outdoors and viewing some truly beautiful shots of nature in person. Hiking is also something that kids of almost any age can do.

Most RV parks in National Forests should have hiking trails that lead directly from the campground, giving you the chance to just pack up and walk directly from your camping site. When researching campgrounds and RV parks ahead of your trip, parks with high quality hiking trails and excellent scenery should be a priority.

2 – Mountain Biking

An alternative to hiking will be mountain biking. This activity is better suited for older children as it requires much more strenuous effort (and skill).

As with hiking, riding a bike up and down mountain trails give you an excellent opportunity for physical exercise while simultaneously being witness to the beauty that nature offers.

Take note that oftentimes hiking trails are either not meant for biking or biking simply isn’t permitted. Yet again, research and planning ahead of your trip is key to find out which exact trails are for biking and which ones are not.

3 – Kayaking or Canoeing

Kayaking or canoeing on a lake is an excellent activity to do on a quiet afternoon when you’re in the mood for viewing natural scenery in a relaxing and calming sort of way.

Some models of canoes are very large (nearly twenty feet) and can possibly accommodate your entire family. If your children are old enough, then each of you going on your individual kayaks is an option too.

Remember that everyone will need a life jacket, and if you’ve never gone canoeing or kayaking before, then hiring a guide to take you wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Build A Campfire

Knowing how to build a campfire properly is a very important life skill, and one that you will definitely want to teach your children.

You can teach your children the process of gathering firewood, what to use for kindling, how to get the fire started, how to arrange your wood to make the fire last, and how to keep the flames under control. This is also something that children of most ages will be able to partake in, with your close and watchful supervision of course.

Once you actually have your campfire going, you can use it to help cook food or to make s’mores. Fire is essentially nature’s version of TV, and it’s surprisingly entertaining to just lean back on a camping chair and watch the wood burn under the stars as well.

Board Games

Last but not least, who says that board games are for home? Board games (as well as card games) will actually be a good item to bring so your family has something to do if it ends up raining outside. It’s always a good idea to be prepared, right?

The best board games to bring on your trip will be whatever games your family personally enjoys. Having a variety will be smart, so around four to five games will be sufficient.

Of course, you can also always play games outside. Playing a board or card game on an outdoor table with the fire burning next to you is a great way to unwind after a long day of other activities like the ones we just discussed.

Activities For Your RV Trip

Remember, this is your trip, so you and your family get to decide what activities you’ll want to do. While it depends really on where you’re going, the time of year, and what you guys personally enjoy, any of the five suggestions you have just been given is sure to help create a memorable experience for your RV trip.