Tips on Buying a Sports Ticket Online and Saving Money.

There are a lot of websites out there to buy game tickets online. With so many options we want to offer you some tips on getting the best deals on your favorite sports team tickets.

Shop around

With so many sites that offer you the ability to buy game tickets, it can be hard to know which one is the best. Sites like and other secondary ticket marketplace sites have been go-to sites for many ticket seekers in the last few years as many of the sites offer discounted prices on tickets and a place for people to sell their unwanted tickets. The price difference occurs for many reasons but mainly due to the dynamic pricing strategy that is used by the sites to figure out ticket pricing.

These sites may also offer presale ticket opportunities as well as reservations for tickets. However, oftentimes you will pay full price if you take advantage of these options. If you are wanting to go to a game that is predicted to sell out this is a great option to ensure you dont miss out on your ticket.

When shopping online many people check out Craigslist and Facebook for amazing deals on tickets. Many times you are able to find great deals but it can be risky as there are no safeguards for the buyer and many people are often scammed.

Using secondary marketplace sites will usually offer some protection to people who are buying tickets in case there is an issue when getting your ticket scanned at the gate.

Make sure to shop around on different sites as they are not priced equally. Watch out for any fees added to your ticket while using these sites, it could help determine which site to buy tickets from.

Who they are playing

It might not seem to make a difference but if you are wanting to save money on tickets, the teams that are playing will affect the cost of the ticket. If you have popular teams or teams who are currently on a winning streak, whether it is the home team or the opponent, the ticket prices will be more due to more people interested in seeing the game. Choose games that are less desirable to save a few dollars. A bonus might be the sports venue may even be less crowded.

If your favorite team is a team that is popular throughout the nation it could be difficult to find decent or discounted tickets due to their popularity. The popularity of the team increases the value of the tickets. For a chance to save a few dollars try to attend games when your team is playing a poorly ranked team. The tickets won’t be as desirable and will hopefully offer some cost relief.

What day the game is on

Most people attend weekend games due to work and more popular games tend to be on the weekend. However, if you are looking for a great deal then trying to find a weeknight game could save you money. This price change is due to demand. Fewer people attend so in order to get people into the stands the tickets are usually discounted.

Choose your seat wisely

We have talked about picking a less desirable game to attend and cheer on your favorite team but choosing less desirable seats will also save you money. Depending on your preference, choosing a seat further away from the court or field is going to save you money. Being in or near the “nosebleed” section offers a more cost-effective ticket.

While searching for tickets online check out the saving when buying group tickets. You can often find cheaper prices when buying in bulk. The exact number is dependent on the venue. This is great for people who enjoy going to games with multiple people. Some teams offer an ability to start a group buy that others can join on their website helping you save money on tickets.

If you enjoy going to the game alone or maybe with one other person buying a single ticket will also offer you discounts. Most people tend to go to games as a group leaving single seats between groups of people on occasion. These seats are often hard to sell so they will be offered at a cheaper price.

If you are going with one other person you can still take advantage of this tip with a little coordination. Find seats that are in back to back rows or close to each other. This isn’t for everyone but it is an option to keep in mind.

Buy the day of the game

If a game is not in high demand it could pay off to wait until game day to get your tickets. The box office and secondary marketplaces could offer discounted tickets. Many people who try to sell on Facebook and Craigslist may be more willing to negotiate the price to at least get something in return for the ticket they can’t use.

If it is game day and you can’t find the deal you are looking for getting off the computer and to the stadium or arena could be a great option as well. Many sports venues are offering scalp-free zones that are monitored by the staff. They offer a safe way for people to sell and buy tickets with assisting in making sure there isn’t price gouging occurring and will scan the ticket before the transaction to ensure it is real and usable.

If your sports arena or stadium does not offer this amenity then you are running the risk of being scammed or prices skyrocketing. There is also the chance that no one will have tickets for sale. In this case, you can always enjoy a little tailgating before the game.

Getting a great deal for game tickets online can take some time but can be beneficial in keeping more of your hard earned cash in your pocket.