Week 10 Betting Odds: National Football League

The National Football League (NFL) is back where 32 teams from National Football Conference and American Football Conference will chase each other giving us the champions for the Super Bowl, February. North America warmly welcomes this 17-week regular season where they will catch Falcons and Vikings like thunderstorms.

Are you the one of them who rely on intuition or data for betting at NFL. There are chances of 50-50. People who earn most out of it are the one who understand that betting falls under the magic of art and science. Magic happens at NFL. All you need is to draw a systematic approach towards data and analytics. Data from the past results and insights collected from this big data provides chances to discover them. Follow the ongoing trends which will make a significant amount from this tournament.

Data is the valuable asset for the one who really want to catch up a big from the NFL. It helps us in critical decision making, predicting trends, future outcome and many more to get a long term profit. Week 9 has gone well for the betterds. Tighten your seatbelt and hold your breath because week 10 is here with incredible performers. Place your bet according to Wager Bops Sport Odd’s and enjoy this session. Let’s explore the whole game:

THURSDAY, NOV. 8 – 8:20 P.M. ET

Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers (-5)

This Thursday night has brought two strong contenders from their respective division- Carolina Panthers and Steelers. These Pittsburgh leads AFC North giants can be the one to reach Super Bowl.  For the second time Cam Newton from Panthers will face Pittsburgh Ben Roethlisberger.




SUNDAY, NOV. 11 – 1 P.M. ET

Lions at Bears (-6)

In the last match, Chicago had two defensive touchdowns. Its top stars Allen Robinson and Khali Mack were out of the game. These two players missed second continuous game due to injury. Last Tuesday, Detroit also failed with 24-9 in Minnesota. They suffered the Golden Tate presence in that match.

ODDS: Bears-6



Saints (-4.5) at Bengals

Bengals are near to say goodbye. The Saints had the biggest victory in the NFC in this league where they beat the winner Rams this Sunday with 45-35 marking their strong presence in this season. The seventh winning is marked with the amazing performance of Michael Thomas who surprised audience playing a fantastic series in New Orleans with 12 passes for 211 yards. At the same time Drew Brees had also a good time with four TD passes.

ODDS: Saints-5

PICK ATS: Bengals


Atlanta Falcons (-3.5) at Cleveland Browns

Browns have become the first one whos head coach got fired in the last week. But it doesn’t matter much because they are out due to continuous fourth defeat this Sunday with 37-21 to Kansas City. At the same time, Atlanta just came out of the goodbye registering its best performance at Washington.  

ODDS: Falcons-3.5

PICK ATS: Falcons


Patriots (-6) at Titans

The Patriot throws an outstanding performance this Sunday getting over Green Bay. While this week was not so good for Titans. In last series, these both teams catch up in the divisional round in Foxboro and New England with 35-14 which was the last game for Mike Mularkey who was the best coach ever.

ODDS: Patriots



Jaguars at Colts (-3)

Performance of both AFC south teams are completely in different directions because Jags not score more than 18 points in any of the game, also experience major issues in their quarterback.

Whereas, Colts scored 79 combined in their back to back win, also not experience any issues with Andrew Luck under centre. And last year Jacksonville swept Indy because of absence of Luck due to injury.

ODDS: Colts-3

PICK ATS: Jaguars


Cardinals at Chiefs (-17)

Chiefs have a chance for week 11 Monday night in Mexico City. Here they will be chasing Los Angeles Ram. Kansas City has already proved themselves on this Sunday getting a 37-21 victory in Cleveland. While Arizona is about to its bye.

ODDS: Chiefs-16.5

PICK ATS: Cardinals


Bills at Jets (-8)

Both of these giants are already prepared with their first round victory of 2018. Allen from Bills and Sam Darnold of Jets are the two diamonds from both of these clubs. Allen didn’t make it since October after an elbow injury, and this Sunday is also not sure for this winner. Let’s see what is going to happen. Derek Anderson is the man for his replacement here.

ODDS: Jets-8



Redskins at Buccaneers (Pick ’em)

Washington not come in those teams that came from behind. It will be seen that Redskins may lead the NFC east, but they can also exposed as fraud due to home loss from Atlanta at Sunday’s 38-14.

Moreover, the Bucks have showcase their worst performance in the NFL; as showed loss from Carolina by 42-28. But Panthers also hold a Franchise record by scoring 35 points in first half.

ODDS: Bucs -1.5

PICK ATS: Buccaneers


The stopwatch is ticking. Time is nearby, hold your chair and place your bet. It is the correct time for you to take away a very good amount.

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