The MLB Fan Cave Advantage?

[Pre-note: It's not like the contributors here at The Platoon Advantage to toot their own horns, but I'm the new guy so maybe I can get away with it.] Not only are pitchers and catcher headed to Arizona for Spring Training, but it looks like so is The Platoon Advantage contributor Michael Clair. Mike, a […]

The Longest-Tenured Players In Baseball

History is important. It teaches us critical things like who won the Civil War and why it’s a bad idea to drive around on a flat tire and how to get fired as a manager of the Yankees. Today, we’ll simply log the player for each team with the longest tenure with that franchise — […]

The Most Interesting Landing Places For Michael Bourn

With less than 22 days before Spring Training officially starts, a few high-profile free agents still haven't signed with major league teams. Players like Kyle Lohse, Shaun Marcum, and Joe Saunders* are still looking for contracts, probably at least in part due to the new rules about draft pick compensation. But the best player available […]

3 Fun Under-The-Radar Transactions For 2013

We all love talking about the big deals that take place during the offseason. In fact, I'd argue that Hot Stove Season is much more fulfilling for fans of certain (read: bad) teams than the actual season itself, sometimes. Nevertheless, there are always a few transactions that are less important than others, or that fall […]

Let Go

Over the last three years, R.A. Dickey has basically been my favorite* baseball player. A couple of weeks ago, he was traded from my favorite baseball team, the New York Mets, to the Toronto Blue Jays. I could break down the trade for you from a sabermetric perspective, point out the wins and losses each […]

The Swish

[Author's Note: It appears that just about any article can be given a title that relates to a song in my iTunes library. Bonus points for choosing something from Craig Finn's ouerve on a slighly Minnesota-leaning blog?] Big news, everybody. The Indians and Nick Swisher have ended their long courtship (seriously, it sounds as if […]

Hell Looks A Lot Like L.A.

For the second year in a row, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim* have come out of Anaheim nowhere to sign the biggest name on the free agent market, inking former MVP Josh Hamilton to a five-year, $125 million contract. Everyone's shocked, including

What Trevor Bauer Teaches Us

As you may have heard (either out in the mean streets of the World Wide Web, or even earlier today here at The Platoon Advantage), the Diamonbacks, Reds, and Indians made a sweet three-team deal. The major pieces are Shin-Soo Choo and Jason Donald heading to Cincinnati, prospect Didi Gregorious, reliever Tony Sipp, and huge […]

The Untouchables

Every year, one of my favorite parts of the Hot Stove season is watching the reports roll out on various "untouchable" players. Whether these are reports from industry sources, or even the GMs themselves, it's always entertaining to hear about how highly a team values one of their own players, especially when that kind of […]

Wanted: Third Basemen

If there's anything the last three weeks of baseball transactions have taught us (besides the fact that Jeffrey Loria is a big jerk), it's that a third baseman is a valuable commodity. Evan Longoria signed a big-time extension to remain a Ray until 2022, and then David Wright re-upped with the Mets until 2020. Longoria […]