Prince Fielder and All That Money in Baseball

When the news broke earlier this week that the incredibly fun and one-of-a-kind Prince Fielder‘s playing career would prematurely end, there were a lot of sad reactions, understandably, and a lot of shocked ones — and a handful of bad, bad, bad takes with regard to the amount of money Fielder is making, and will continue […]

The Designated Hitter and the Baseball You’re Used To: A Survey

The topic of the week appears to be the possibly-someday-coming universal DH rule, and there’s plenty to read about it. I enjoyed all of this from Grant Brisbee — as I enjoy everything Grant writes — but this part early on got me thinking: I’m a huge supporter of pitchers hitting for the same reason most […]

The Guys You Couldn’t Even Vote For, 2016

There’s no cliche in baseball along the lines of Hollywood’s “it’s an honor just to be nominated,” as far as I know, but there is a certain cachet attached to a player seeing his name on the BBWAA Hall of Fame Ballot. One hopes that the likes of Mark Grudzielanek and Mike Lowell didn’t spend […]

Believe it or not, Cuddyer and the Mets have some history on their side

A whole lot has happened since November 10, 2014, when Michael Cuddyer became one of the first notable team-shifting free agent signings of the offseason. You might even think a lot has happened that’d be more interesting to talk about in March than the Michael Cuddyer signing, and you’d probably be right, but to you, […]

Guest Post: Gloriously Quiet Minor League Weeknights, by Jen Mac Ramos

TPA is (coming) back! Over the next several days and/or weeks, we’ll be running guest posts, by people we like, on whatever subject they feel like writing about. You might see some familiar faces come back, too (I might even write something, some day).   Our first guest is Jen Mac Ramos —

DUI Suspensions: Wait, Do We Really Mean This?

I may have been operating for a while on a rather foolish assumption.  See, whenever a player has been caught driving while intoxicated — like yesterday, after Yovani Gallardo was picked up with an almost impossible to believe .22 blood-alcohol level — and the blogosphere/twitterati have piped up with their outrage over the deep moral […]

Josh Lueke, Redemption, Rape and Baseball

I want to read a redemption story about Josh Lueke.  I do. Most of my friends and colleagues would rather never hear or read his name again, and I get that, and honestly, I'd be more than okay with that. But a redemption story would be pretty cool.  I mean, a real one. Not this horseshit. […]

HOF 2013: The Guys You Can’t Even Vote For

It's Announcement Day (hide your wives and daughters, hide your computer and anything else that'll connect to Twitter!), and it's time for another tradition of mine (started in 2011, and here's 2012): there are throngs of players who are eligible for the Hall of Fame this year — they played in at least ten seasons, […]

My 2013 Hall of Fame Ballot

Not that you asked, but for the fourth year in a row (2010, 2011, 2012), here's my up or down on every player eligible for the BBWAA Hall of Fame vote on this winter's ballot. I've decided to ignore the ten-name limit, which is becoming increasingly ridiculous; I'll make my imaginary cuts at the end.  […]

The Joy of Lowered Expectations

I love Denard Span. I think he's one of the most underrated players in baseball, and one that was under team control for three more years at insanely low prices, even considering the first two would have been arbitration years ($4.75 million for 2013, $6.5 for 2014, and a no-brainer team option for $9 in 2015).  […]

Why I (Still) Hate the Second Wildcard

Look, the games on Friday were exciting. Good TV. Generally bad baseball, but entertaining. And I hate the fact that they happened at all. When the new system was announced about eleven months ago, I wrote about why I didn’t like it, and why I was unconvinced by the arguments in favor of it. There […]

Friday Forum: Our Postseason Predicitons

With the postseason starting today (if you count that one-game farce as the postseason; I’m still undecided), we thought it’d be a good time to get the Friday Forum thing going again and give you our staff’s predictions for the outcomes of the various postseason series. There are a lot of us now! For the […]


This is going to be one of those years when so much attention is paid to one awards race (the American League MVP, of course), we kind of forget there are other things going on. It’s too bad, because I think the National League race is a lot more interesting. The AL race is one […]

The AL MVP Race: Still Over.

Hey guys (gender inclusive)? Guys. I hate to interrupt. But listen for a second.  Look, I know that Miguel Cabrera is an awesome baseball player, and I know he had a huge game last night, and that he’s currently two homers back of Josh Hamilton from being in a position to win the first Triple […]