Friday Morning Cram Session, 8/24

“The penalties aren’t strong enough,” is what they say. Players are still using banned substances, so they’re not deterred by the fifty-game suspension. Suspend them for a year for the first offense. Suspend them for life! Deport ’em! Et cetera. By “they,” of course, I mean your typical pro sportswriter desperate for an attention-grabbing angle, the […]

On Felix, His Almost-Really-Perfect Perfecto, and His Place in History

The fourth pitch Felix Hernandez threw yesterday wasn’t very good at all.  I certainly couldn’t have hit it — it was a 92 mile an hour fastball, with at least a little bit of movement — but big league hitters could. Rays leadoff hitter and Wikipedia superstar Sam Fuld could, turning on the ball and […]

Wednesday Morning Cram Session, 8/15

Apologies for a particularly brief Cram Session this morning. To make it up to you, I won’t bore you with my excuses. We’re hitting only the highest points with this one.  Pitcher of the Night: Hiroki Kuroda, 9 IP, 5 H, 2 BB, 5 K, 0 R There were a ton of very strong pitching performances […]

Wednesday Morning Cram Session, 8/1

Things are different today. I don’t follow the rumor mill as obsessively as some seem to. I just don’t have the energy for it. In years when the Twins were in it, I might go through little crazy periods where I soak up every tiny bit of information, speculation or wild-ass guessing I can, but […]

My Mid-Season Awards

Just an obligatory annual post while I’m obligatorily watching the All-Star Game:  American League MVP: Mike Trout It’s worth noting that this is all a product of approximately the last three weeks: he’s been very good (at least) since day one, but starting with his 4-for-4 game on June 19, Trout hit .389/.432/.634 to close out […]

Friday Morning Cram Session, 7/6

Yesterday afternoon, the Tigers had just come back to tie the Twins at 3 in the eighth, and had runners on the corners with one out and Prince Fielder coming up. Ron Gardenhire brought in lefty Tyler Robertson to face him.  Robertson’s second pitch was a slider that floated more than it broke and stayed […]

Thursday Morning Cram Session, 7/5

We didn’t have anything for you yesterday, mostly because the odds are you wouldn’t have been here to read it, but if we had, we certainly would’ve talked a bit about Chipper Jones, who went 5-for-5 on Tuesday with two doubles, four RBI, and his only stolen base of the season. His Independence Day wasn’t […]

Happy Birthday…

Dickie Thon! I was all set to write about 1930s shortstop Billy Werber, who was born on this date in 1908, and that’s a great idea except that it turns out I did just that, one year ago today. Thon and Werber have something in common, though: according to this excellent SABR bio by C. Paul Rogers III […]

What if Trout and Harper are better than the Three Bite Rule?

When my grandfather passed away last spring, the family had to clear out and sell the wonderful little house in northern Virginia that he had lived in (with my grandmother, until 2008) since sometime in the sixties. Among the few things that I ended up with, being the baseball guy, was my pick of whatever […]

On Derek Jeter and getting a ton of hits

Stop and think, for just a second, about for how long Derek Jeter has been a sabermetric punchline.  At first it was the holy trinity of shortstops, which made Jeter kind of a joke because A-Rod >>>> Nomah >>> Jeter, right? Then there was the advent of play-by-play data and The Fielding Bible, which (sanctioned […]

Happy Birthday…Jack Morris!

Jack Morris! Okay, so I haven’t done one of these birthday posts in at least two months, and I just happened to check today’s birthdays, and Morris just happened to be one of them, and given the amount of crap he takes around here, I felt compelled. This will generally be a celebration of Morris’ […]

Six Things I Didn’t Know Yesterday

DID YOU KNOW? While the world has obsessed over Matt Kemp’s awesomeness and Albert Pujols’ terribleness and Jamie Moyer’s oldness and Bryce Harper’s youngness, professional baseball has also been played by at least like fifty other people! It’s a thing I’d forgotten for a while, what with those things, and the unmitigated disaster that has been the […]

Friday Forum: The Team We’d Own

And we’re back! Today’s topic, in recognition of Magic Johnson saving L.A. from the terrible clutches of Frank McCourt: “If you could own one team, but had to take its current GM and manager with it, which one would it be and why?” Here’s what we had to say: Jason: New York Yankees Telling you […]

Friday Forum: Our Least Favorite Players to Watch

This week’s question: “Who’s your least favorite active player to watch, and why?” We’re not mean-spirited people, generally (well, TCM is), and I hope nobody took a mean-spirited approach to this. (I haven’t read them yet, or written mine. Hell of a process I’ve got going here.) But baseball is entertainment, and we all have […]

Hal Haydel’s very good day

Here’s what I love about baseball, or, maybe more accurately, here’s what I love about Baseball Reference. The Twins designated Luke Hughes for assignment yesterday to make room for Jason Marquis to somehow drag us all kicking and screaming through five torturous innings in New York, which got me thinking about Hughes’ first plate appearance, in […]