On Derek Jeter and getting a ton of hits

Stop and think, for just a second, about for how long Derek Jeter has been a sabermetric punchline.  At first it was the holy trinity of shortstops, which made Jeter kind of a joke because A-Rod >>>> Nomah >>> Jeter, right? Then there was the advent of play-by-play data and The Fielding Bible, which (sanctioned […]

Happy Birthday…Jack Morris!

Jack Morris! Okay, so I haven’t done one of these birthday posts in at least two months, and I just happened to check today’s birthdays, and Morris just happened to be one of them, and given the amount of crap he takes around here, I felt compelled. This will generally be a celebration of Morris’ […]

Six Things I Didn’t Know Yesterday

DID YOU KNOW? While the world has obsessed over Matt Kemp’s awesomeness and Albert Pujols’ terribleness and Jamie Moyer’s oldness and Bryce Harper’s youngness, professional baseball has also been played by at least like fifty other people! It’s a thing I’d forgotten for a while, what with those things, and the unmitigated disaster that has been the […]

Friday Forum: The Team We’d Own

And we’re back! Today’s topic, in recognition of Magic Johnson saving L.A. from the terrible clutches of Frank McCourt: “If you could own one team, but had to take its current GM and manager with it, which one would it be and why?” Here’s what we had to say: Jason: New York Yankees Telling you […]

Friday Forum: Our Least Favorite Players to Watch

This week’s question: “Who’s your least favorite active player to watch, and why?” We’re not mean-spirited people, generally (well, TCM is), and I hope nobody took a mean-spirited approach to this. (I haven’t read them yet, or written mine. Hell of a process I’ve got going here.) But baseball is entertainment, and we all have […]

Hal Haydel’s very good day

Here’s what I love about baseball, or, maybe more accurately, here’s what I love about Baseball Reference. The Twins designated Luke Hughes for assignment yesterday to make room for Jason Marquis to somehow drag us all kicking and screaming through five torturous innings in New York, which got me thinking about Hughes’ first plate appearance, in […]

Friday Forum: Small Samples We’re Not Ignoring

It’s been a while (since early December, a network change and a few writer changes ago) since we’d done one of these, but I’m going to try to do them almost every Friday this season — a “Friday Forum,” where all the TPA writers get together, internetically speaking, and give a shorter take on one […]

Lew Ford on the Twins and Torii Hunter’s accusations

You may remember that a bit over two weeks ago, CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman ran with a story in which he used quotes from Michael Cuddyer and (especially) Torii Hunter in which they claimed that other Twins (not themselves, certainly, which makes it a bit strange that Heyman termed it an “admission” several times) were “psyched […]

Eleven Random 2012 Predictions

Everybody’s doing this lately. They typically use words weightier than “random,” usually “bold,” but it’s all the same thing — think up a bunch of things that probably won’t happen, but you think just might, and make a blog post out of them. Jim Bowden did it — he thinks (well, doesn’t think, but thinks maybe) […]

In Which Jackie Robinson Wins All the MVPs

 By BillInitially, this was going to be about Stan Musial. Through the age of 27, Musial had won three MVP awards in five seasons (ignoring the one he missed while at war) and added a fourth-place finish. He’d never win another, but he would go on to finish in the top ten of the voting […]

On the Greatness of Carlos Beltran

By BillSo Carlos Beltran was in the news a bit yesterday (that is, at least, the drummed-up nothing that real-news-starved writers try to pass for news during this part of the year, when actual news doesn’t happen), when he, technically, faced off against his longest-tenured former team for the first time since his trade from the […]

Happy Birthday…Leap Day Edition

By BillSo, today is a month-and-day combination that hasn’t happened since 2008, and won’t happen again for four years. I started blogging in earnest in April of 2009, and four years from today, we could all be dead. So I thought we’d better celebrate all the players born on February 29 all at once. It […]

Jamie Moyer’s Potential Firsts

By BillI just wrote about Moyer right around a month ago. But he’s taking the field now, stirrups and all, and, well, I can’t help it. I’m excited about it. I still don’t expect him to make an appearance in the big leagues this year, but just the fact that he might is so freaking cool. So, […]

Gary Carter’s Best Day in Baseball

By BillI imagine that Gary Carter, who passed away yesterday at just 57 years of age, would’ve told you his best day involved a lot of time spent with his wife, children and/or grandchildren. I’m just as sure that he’d have his own idea of what his best day in baseball was — his two-homer […]

Happy Birthday…

Sal Bando! As a birthdate, February 13 suffers from a shortage of great players — Bando’s 242 career homers are more than four times as many as #2, and no pitcher amassed 50 wins or 500 strikeouts — and is largely devoid of current players, so it’s not likely to get better any time soon. What […]