Jim Bowden Is Every General Manager

Obligatory Bowden-on-a-Nats-Segway photo!AP Photos / The Washington Times, Peter Lockley By Bill I’ve done my fair share of ripping GM-turned-internet-and-radio-baseball-expert Jim Bowden, particularly

JoeD and Teddy Ballgame: Appropriately Rated.

By BillSo I hope you’re aware by now of the High Heat Stats blog, which is basically what the Baseball Reference blog used to be, but is no longer hosted at BB-Ref. They’ve done a fun couple posts lately, attempting to list the 50 most overrated and then most underrated hitters in baseball history (today, they’re […]

Jamie Moyer: Four Degrees of Babe Ruth

By BillAs you may have heard, Jamie Moyer, who will turn fifty years old a few weeks after the upcoming season’s World Series, finalized a minor-league contract with the Colorado Rockies last night. It seems like just about the worst possible place for Moyer to play, but hey, all he’s got to do is make […]

Jack Morris is going to be a Hall of Famer, and that’s OK.

By BillI’ve been about as critical of Jack Morris — or, more accurately, of his Hall of Fame case — as anyone traversing this here information superhighway ever has been. I’m not ashamed. One post in particular was probably one of my two or three favorites among all the baseball things I’ve ever written, comparing […]

Happy Birthday…

Randy Jones! The National League gave out ten Cy Young Awards in the decade of the 1970s, as you’d probably expect. Eight of them went to players who were now in the Hall of Fame: two to Tom Seaver, two to Steve Carlton, and one each to Bob Gibson, Fergie Jenkins, Gaylord Perry, and Bruce […]

One quick thought on SaberBoy

By Bill I was going to make a whole “manifesto” out of this: the key principles of SaberBoy’s view on the baseball world. But I wasn’t making it funny enough to come off as intended, and I don’t take myself nearly seriously enough to do it straight. So I’ll just stick to the one most […]

HOF 2012: The Guys You Can’t Even Vote For

By BillAs I promised in my ballot post yesterday, and as I did last year, I’m going to run down the list of 42 players, representing what I believe is every player not appearing on the 2012 Hall of Fame ballot who was technically a first-time eligible candidate this year under the rules — that is, […]

My 2012 Hall of Fame Ballot

By BillI spend enough time criticizing and arguing against writers with actual votes, and urging voter openness, accountability, and so forth, that it seems only fair to give my own thoughts on the year’s BBWAA Hall of Fame ballot. (Do it every year: here’s 2010, here’s 2011.) Besides, it’s fun. With the big announcement coming […]

No, Dummy, Nobody Accused You of Plagiarism.

By Bill I can’t believe I have to do this.As you probably saw, about two weeks ago, TCM ran a post called “Plagiarists Who (might) Write Among Us.” It was one of the more widely-read and best-received posts we’ve had on this little blog. The gist was this: – Writers in the BBWAA who have […]

Contracts, Back-Loading, and the Time Value of Money

By BillAs you’ve probably noticed by now, I’m not any kind of mathematician or economist. I may really like baseball’s numbers, and even have a solid understanding of most of them, but that doesn’t mean I’m good with numbers in any kind of larger, more useful sense. I do know this, though: money is worth […]

Matt Wieters: Awesome Catcher

  Guest Post By Albert Lang(Bill note: Ah, the holidays. I’m sure you’ll hear a lot more from the TPA staff between now and the end of the year, but for now, we’ve got a second consecutive guest post from Albert Lang, who you can typically find over at H2H Corner. Albert sent this to us […]

Who’s the New Santo?

By BillFor pretty much as long as I’ve been aware of these things, there have been two guys who were, clearly and beyond all reasonable dispute, by far the most worthy eligible players not in the Hall of Fame: Bert Blyleven and Ron Santo. Now, of course, thanks in some part to a big push […]