On not clicking the Manny Machado gif

I do not entirely remember what it is like to write about baseball. I do not, frankly, entirely remember what it is like to watch baseball. I do remember what it is like to worry about baseball and to be anxious about vaguely baseball-related things, but those are issues for another day. A more relevant […]

The Bauery Ballroom

I’m sure I won’t be the only person writing this piece, and I may not be the only TPAer writing this piece, and I may not even be the only TPAer writing this piece for TPA, but here I go anyway: can we view the three-sided Shin-Soo Choo/Trevor Bauer trade in a way that makes […]

Supposedly Fun Baseball Decisions

I went on a cruise. I came back alive. Here, then, are five supposedly fun things baseball teams should never do again. 1. Sign Michael Young to a $16 million per year, five-year deal after his age-29 season that doesn't actually kick in until he's 32. It's supposedly fun because Young was a nice 3.5- […]

Negotiation 301?

Here is some news that, as an aside, doesn’t make me entirely happy as an A’s fan who enjoys his team winning and having easy teams to beat up on in the American League West. The news is that the Rangers have put Josh Hamilton contract talks on hold to pursue Zack Greinke. You can […]

Captain Obvious Strikes

Source: Cubs have told Marmol he’s trade candidate but they won’t “give him away.” December 3, 2012 OK? OK. Upcoming tweets: Braves have told Tommy Hanson he’s trade candidate but they won’t “trade him to Seattle” Angels have told Albert Pujols he’s first baseman but they won’t “bat him eighth” Yankees have told Alex Rodriguez […]

Guest column: on Russell Martin

As you may have noticed, I (Jason) have been attempting to write more here on good ol' TPA. I owe Bill and Mike a lot and I haven't really been handling my obligations lately. Tonight, though, I had to spend five hours proofreading a book for my wife, so I was unable to write a […]

Area Chapped Man Will Start

Aroldis Chapman is a starter. A starting pitcher. A pitcher who will pitch in the first inning of baseball games. Rejoice and celebrate, right? Hoorah! Hooray! Hoorak! Five cheers! Well. The problem is that we’re all a little gunshy. Daniel Bard blew up for the Red Sox and then didn’t even pitch well out of […]

Ban Carlos Ruiz

  Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz was suspended for 25 games for testing positive for Adderall.   More like Subtracterall. Because that's what Major League Baseball should do to his salary.   Subtract it all.   Ruiz's felonious decision to use drugs for which he had no prescription or other legitimate use let down his teammates. It […]

I get older, my baseball cards stay the same

I’m not going to go horning in on the territory of people who actually care about baseball cards, don’t worry, but I do want to note that I feel a certain attachment to the old guys still hanging around baseball (Chipper Jones, Jim Thome, and Omar Vizquel, mainly, though not exclusively) in large or perhaps […]

More Ned Colletti?

Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times (which I swear exists in this, the second-largest city in the United States, despite apparently having none of the larger cultural effect that the New York Times, or even the Wall Street Journal, has) apparently reported that the Dodgers are in extension talks with Ned Colletti. I don’t […]

On underratedness

Today at ESPN, I’m going to be part of a Triple Play featurette with Josh Worn and Molly Knight on the subject of baseball men who are underrated. I won’t reveal here who my picks were, but I mostly played it straight: I picked a hitter and a pitcher who I think are thought of […]

On Yuni

I’d just like to make a quick point about Yuniesky Betancourt, who was until recently an infielder on the Royals of Kansas City and who was unceremoniously dumped this very day. (I’m writing on Monday even though you’re not reading until Tuesday, so it counts.) First, a refresher for those who forgot about Yuni: Back […]

Friday Cram Session, 8/3

It’s been repeated ad nauseam, but my god, what an embarrassment of riches baseball has in rookies this year. We’ve already got Mike Trout and Bryce Harper making their breakout and debut, respectively. We’ve got Yu Darvish and Yoenis Cespedes taking almost comically different routes from foreign to American baseball (the “almost” coming because of […]

On Andrew Heaney

I’ve gotten away from the whole “respond to other bloggers” thing a bit, which is weird considering that me taking potshots at other bloggers was my bread and butter at most a year ago. So here, and apologies for distracting from the Future Hall of Very Good project, I’m going to take some mild, gentle […]

Monday Morning Cram Session, 7/9

The All-Star break is here, which means that the Home Run Derby is here. The Derby has, for me, had a weird parallel/perpendicular path to the Dunk Contest during NBA All-Star Weekend. One of the Dunk Contest’s core problems in the last five or ten years has been the complete lack of star-wattage involved. Dwight […]