Adrian Beltre Responds to People Touching His Head

Hi, Adrian Beltre here. Yes, that Adrian Beltre. And yeah, I get it, you all think it's pretty hilarious when people try to touch my head and I freak out. I mean, I'm a modern man of the internet, I've seen the gifs and even I have a laugh. Just look at some of these […]

The Otherworldly Gems of the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Scouting Database

We like to pretend that we know most of what's happening on and around baseball, but the fact is that we don't. Not really. We know nearly nothing of baseball in the 1800s, we make educated guesses at baseball before the advent of television, and even today, with our newfangled hickeymajigs, our defensive ratings are […]

When is ‘Good’ Baseball Actually Bad for the Sport?

I promise you that I'm not trying to drum up page views by writing articles with titles like "Farts: How Your Butt is Killing the Planet" or "Which Game of Thrones Character Are You? A 20 Part Slideshow NSFW." But I am worried about the future of baseball as a spectator sport.    Don't get […]

The Pirates and the Crushing Blow of Six Horribly Wretched Games

The Pirates, and by extension their fans, should be used to losing by now. Much like a garbage man should be no longer mind hefting around bags of refuse and Lindsay Lohan should be accustomed to court-ordered drug rehab, the Pirates should be nearly immune to the crushing sting of defeat. If 20 consecutive losing […]

My Strange Love Affair With Fantasy Baseball

Chances are, during the first batch of games on Monday, while constantly checking your fantasy lineup, you realized one of two things. Either 1) You didn't do nearly as good a job drafting your fantasy team as you thought or 2) You really don't seem to care as much as the other people around you. […]

Mike Piazza’s Love Affair With the Commercial

Recently I decided to read Mike Piazza's new book, Long Shot. I wasn't expecting literature that would challenge my deepest held beliefs nor was I hoping for lyrical prose poetry. So in the end, I guess I got what a paid for: a mild diversion from my eventual demise co-written by baseball's greatest offensive catcher and […]

The Abraham Lincolns of Baseball

While watching Daniel Day Lewis accept yet another Oscar award on Sunday night for his performance in Lincoln (really, when he's nominated they need to create a Best Actor Not Named Daniel Day Lewis category), I wondered about the other Abraham Lincolns out there, specifically the baseballing ones. Especially with political cartoons like this one […]

Mike Piazza’s First Draft of “Long Shot”

  (image via 99Goals)    With Mike Piazza's autobiography, Long Shot, co-written with Lonnie Wheeler, coming out today, there have already been a number of excerpts released. We here at The Platoon Advantage were fortunate enough to stumble upon a first draft of the manuscript which features extended looks at a few key scenes.   […]

Baseball and the UFO Conspiracy*

  There's a vast conspiracy underfoot and you're not even aware of it. The world is large and the universe even larger, so it was awfully self-important of us to think that we were the only sentient creatures in this galaxy. So open your eyes sheeple, because the threat is already here. Our baseball fields […]

Frank Thomas and the Mysterious Steroids Secret Society

This weekend, Frank Thomas said that he was unaware of all the steroid use going on during his career because, and I quote, it was "a secret society. I had no idea. I think I was the one guy that when they were having that conversation they would stop quickly when I walked in the […]

Fun Pitching Stats To While Away Your Time

With spring training still a month away, and nothing to occupy my time otherwise (what am I going to do? Go to sleep? Read a book? Exercise? I think not), I decided to spend my time searching through FanGraphs pitching stats. A few of the nuggets I came across:  – According to FanGraphs' Zone%, RA […]

10 Reasons to Get Excited About 2013

And by ten things to get excited about, I naturally mean ten baseball things to get excited by 2013. Otherwise the list would be full of things like "surviving the winter without contracting the black death" and "awaiting Fast and Furious 6." That said, with winter still gripping us and baseball season still oh so […]

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

It's that most magical time of the year: when you realize that the malls are choked, your checking account is empty, and you have no idea how many people you need to buy gifts for. Instead of stocking up on every chintzy tchotchke available, on the off chance that your next door neighbor has bought you […]

Defending the Royals

Just as parents today must be careful not to coddle their children too much, baseball fans must avoid coveting their favorite prospects. This tendency to prospect overvaluation makes sense, though. After finally learning that signing pricey and mediocre free agents and ignoring the perfectly apt replacements in the minors was the wrong way to go […]

MLB Releases Annual Jobs Report

In the middle of the Winter Meetings, Major League Baseball released their annual jobs report, proudly touting the league's year-in, year-out steady job rate for their highly skilled and athletic workforce. Said an unnamed baseball rep, "The league is happy to say that, despite upheaval and uncertainty in almost every other job market, Major League […]