Tuesday Morning Cram Session: 9/11

The good news is that it sounds as though Brandon McCarthy is going to be ok.  The news about his recovery, after having his skull fractured by a wicked line drive back to the mound has been generally positive and he’s even back on Twitter being more or less hilarious.  Disaster was, for a day […]

Tuesday Morning Cram Session, 9/4

I’m afraid our Cram Session is very truncated this morning, given that today was the first day of kindergarten for The Boy, and so I’ll be playing catch up all day at work.  There were no tears from The Boy or his parents, just a good attitude and a quiet acknowledgement that he was where […]

Thursday Morning Cram Session, 8/30

Despite what the Dodgers-Red Sox megadeal might lead you to believe, there’s very little chance of a huge trade being worked out in August.  It’s the nature of the beast.  Teams are only able to exchange players who have passed through waivers (or are forced to deal claimed players to the teams that won the […]

Tuesday Morning Cram Session, 8/28

Yesterday, the Atlantic published a study by Seth Amitin that suggested that baseball announcers, as a group, speak differently about foreign-born Latino players in the game than they do about American or Canadian players.  According to Amitin, “The analysis reveals that foreign-born players—the vast majority of whom are Latino—are at a distinct disadvantage when it […]

Thursday Morning Cram Session, 8/23

I might be crazy, but I’m really glad that Skip Bayless made those completely baseless, patently unfair, and utterly stupid comments about Derek Jeter last night.  Bayless will be hearing about it all day for suggesting, “If you are Derek Jeter, would you think about using HGH right now?  I am not saying he uses […]

Wesley Crusher Is Officially Less Infuriating Than the Minnesota Twins

Last night, I was so angry at the Minnesota Twins and the continued incompetence of their medical staff that, instead of watching and writing about baseball, I decided to actually sit down with my wife and watch three episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation (and live-tweet the whole experience).  This is what the Twins […]

Tuesday Morning Cram Session, 8/21

I should have discussed this yesterday, but I don’t understand what firing Brad Mills at this point gets the Astros.  No, Mills didn’t win in Houston (in fact, he finishes with the 10th worst winning percentage in baseball history among managers with three seasons in) and he certainly didn’t do anything to deserve to keep […]

Monday Morning Cram Session, 8/20

Bill has been doing a tremendous series of Tweets on the fate of Denard Span, who injured his shoulder diving for a ball on August 12, and hasn’t played at all in the 7 days since.  The Twins insist he’s day to day.  Sayeth Bill: Denard Span day-to-day; expected to miss the next 20-3,000 days […]

The Flaw

I don’t know if it’s age, or wisdom, or just three-plus years of regular baseball blogging, but I’ve mellowed quite a bit over the last few years. I used to be a lot more willing to fight over every little thing someone might say that I thought was wrong. I’d get nasty, too — I’d […]

Thursday Morning Cram Session, 8/15

Melky Cabrera.  Melky.  Cabrera.  Dude.  What the hell, man?  What the hell were you thinking? What a horrible, stupid, immature, and unforgivable mistake.  To test positive for “PE”Ds is one thing, but to do so as the 2nd best hitter on a probable playoff team is quite another.  It’s a mistake that could wind up […]

Tuesday Morning Cram Session, 8/14

Farewell to Johnny Pesky, one of the last great Red Sox lifers, who debuted as a 22 year old in 1942, hitting .331/.375/.416, leading the American league in hits  (and sacrifice hits) and finishing 3rd in the MVP vote.  Then, like so many other young men, Johnny Pesky went to war.  He was stationed in […]

Monday Morning Cram Session, 8/13

If the Will Middlebrooks and Kevin Youkilis situation has taught us anything, it’s that having good players is a good thing and teams should not be so quick to forfeit their depth just because they have a positional logjam.  If you missed it last week, Middlebrooks has gone down with a broken wrist, forcing the […]

Friday Morning Cram Session, 8/10

Maybe it was The Common Man’s imagination, but he seems to have seen a whole mess of people getting bent out of shape over Manny Machado’s promotion to the Majors.  And while TCM understands the impulse to A) protect youngsters and B) criticize the Orioles, maybe we don’t have to be jumping to down Dan […]