>Beacon of Manhood: Jamie Moyer

>Well, The Common Man’s successful viewing experience last night, brought about by Penn State’s first win at Ohio State in 15 years and plenty of time to watch Game 3 of the World Series, was improved tremendously by watching 45 year old (he’ll be 46 next month) Jamie Moyer baffle Tampa Bay Rays hitters for […]

>Saturday Beer Review: Point Einbock

>Mother Nature has kindly resolved The Common Man’s conflict this week, postponing Game 3 of the World Series, and allowing The Common Man to college football without guilt or the fear that he’ll miss something switching back and forth. Indeed, the conflictingly scheduled game is the bane of the sports fan’s existence, leading to self-doubt […]

>World Series Preview

>Since The Common Man has split the day chasing The Boy and worshipping at the alter of the porcelyn god, he has not had a chance to write the massive, detailed, funny, insightful, and moving World Series Preview he had planned. He’ll try to get to that tomorrow morning, assuming he hasn’t flushed away all […]

>Stuff and Saturday Beer Review: Stockyard Oatmeal Stout

>Today was a cool, crisp day. The kind of day where The Common Man doesn’t mind being out raking leaves, contemplating the end of summer, because the temperature is perfect to do work and not become a sweaty nasty mess. Instead, he could collect said leaves into a neat pile and enjoy watching The Boy […]

>Saturday Beer Review: Summit Extra Pale Ale

>Sometimes, when you drink a beer is just as important as what beer you drink and how it tastes. Case in point: today, The Common Man tackled Summit Extra Pale Ale. Normally, he wouldn’t be a fan given its overall hoppiness. However, since The Common Man had finished mowing the yard just before cracking it […]

>Saturday Beer Review: New Glarus Spotted Cow

>For the first time in as long as he can remember, The Uncommon Wife advocated for a “pajama day” for the Uncommon family. She, The Common Man, and The Boy were to remain in their jammies all day, and simply enjoy being at home together on a crisp fall day. Fortunately, The Common Man had […]

>Saturday Beer Review: Fat Weasel Ale

>As The Common Man sat down in the Mancave to watch the Ohio State-USC mismatch, he was supported by freshly baked sugar cookies and a bottle of Fat Weasel Ale, a thoroughly satisfying beer out of New Ulm, MN. Though not fancy, the Fat Weasel is a terrific option for a variety of scenarios, from […]

>Saturday Beer Review: Moose Drool Brown Ale

>He knows, you’ve all been waiting with baited breath to see if The Common Man will show today. Well, here he is, boys and girls, in all his glory. Behold and admire him. He’s sequestered in his mancave, watching the manliest of sports, pro football, and enjoying many a fine carbonated malt beverage. The world […]

>Beaconing Hope

>Oh man, something has been tearing through The Common Family this week. Fevers have spiked. Coughs have lingered. Fluids have projected. It has not been fun. And so, The Common Man spent a great deal of time nursing The Boy back to health, resting on the couch watching bad movies, and cuddling with The Uncommon […]

>The Common Sportsman: Un-Manny

>A few days ago, The Common Man kinda, sorta defended Manny Ramirez, but not really. One pundit was calling Manny out for actively trying to sabatoge his team and, while The Common Man had heard about Manny’s lackadaisical attitude and questionable motivation in the past, he was certain that Manny’s accomplishments earned him the benefit […]

>Saturday Beer Review (kind of)

>Tonight’s beer review begins with a story. The Common Man was innocently enjoying the farmer’s market today; the veggies were relatively cheap and fresh (as were the bagels) and The Common Man managed to find two neat-looking beers to review by New Glarus Brewing Company. On the way home, since they had had such a […]

>Saturday(ish) Beer Review: Kennebunkport Ales

>Last week, The Common Man reviewed beer some Midwest brews, and came away less than totally pleased. This week, The Common Man will venture far to the great Northeast in search of brews yet undiscovered. Namely, The Common Man will seek out the beers of that great unexplored wilderness and colony of Massachusetts, Maine. It […]

>The Common Sportsman

>Look, The Common Man loves sports, particularly baseball. And since this is his site, he feels like he should have free reign to write about them. That said, this site really isn’t so much about sports as it is about the things guys should do and care about. So, to hedge his bets a little, […]