>Keith Law Is Smarter Than You…Get Over It

>The Common Man is very amused by the controversy generated by Keith Law’s 2nd-place vote for Javier Vazquez on his Cy Young Award ballot. Law, as most of the Interwebz has learned since yesterday, crunched some numbers and came up with a very convincing argument that Vazquez provided the second most value in the National […]

>What the Playoffs Mean

>This morning, Aaron Gleeman rebutted Jim Souhan’s contention that the Twins would be better off not making the playoffs, noting that “Getting into the playoffs thanks only to an awful division and being a thoroughly mediocre team with tons of flaws and late-season injuries to key players aren’t things that necessarily keep teams from having […]

>Random Thursday: June 11, 1960, Chicago vs. Boston

>When baseball’s elder statesmen square off, doesn’t it seem like something special always happens? Fortune smiles again on The Common Man, as his browser, with eyes closed, leapt from Scott Sullivan’s page to this June 11, 1960 contest between the Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox. The game was the first of two that […]

>Random Thursday: Scott Sullivan

>The Common Man will recap his final visit to the Metrodome tomorrow (though the visit took place last weekend), in a final, teary farewell to a truly horrible stadium that is full of wonderful memories. But today is Thursday, which means randomness. Fortune smiled on us today, for it landed on quintessential right-handed reliever Scott […]

>Random Thursday: September 12, 1964, New York vs. Los Angeles

>It’s Thursday, and that used to mean randomness was in the air. Perhaps it still is, as The Common Man used the random function of Baseball to jump from his previous entry, Joe Smaza, to this September 12 game between the 1964 Dodgers and Mets. The game itself, an 8-0 drubbing by Los Angeles […]

>Pete Rose to Idiots: Get Off My Side, You’re Not Helping

>Earlier today, Craig kicked at some embers and turned it into a brushfire over at Circling the Bases, arguing that Pete Rose’s 20 year exile from Major League Baseball and the Hall of Fame is not enough for an unapologetic serial liar who has worked tirelessly to promote himself and undermine the game he supposedly […]

>Explaing Albert’s “Albatross”

>On Circling the Bases this morning, contributor Matt Casey pondered Albert Pujols’ second-half performance, which is a significant drop-off from his amazing start. Pujols’ season line has dropped from . 332/.456/.723 to .321/.445/.675 thanks to a .280/.401/.525 “drought”. Casey writes, “Are we ready to blame the Home Run Derby for squashing Albert Pujols’ chance at […]

>A Different Kind of Rifle-armed

>The Common Man was surprised to find out, when he got home last night, that his Tivo has been making some strange suggestions. For instance, The Common Man has little use for telenovelas like El Corazon Prohibido, or for something called Degrassi: The Next Generation. However, Tivo was right in its guess that its owner […]

>The Fork

>The Common Man wishes the Twins would just go ahead and make up their freaking minds already. On Saturday night, with the Twins a game under .500 and seemingly inventing new ways to lose against the A’s and Angels, The Common Man was all set to trade Michael Cuddyer, the Twins lone tradeable commodity likely […]

>Karma Police Strike Again

>Karma sucks sometimes (though, by its very nature, The Common Man supposes it’s a good thing just as often). Last night, The Common Man was merrily watching the Twins beat the Oakland A’s on his birthday. But because of the game’s late start and the fact that The Common Man was bound and determined to […]

>One Great Birthday Ruins Another

>The Common Man figured that there would be no better day for his grand re-blogging than the day of his birth, and this being that, he’s good to go. The Common Man hopes you’ll come back and enjoy the blog. The Common Man regrets his absence, generally caused by the crazy-high level of activity at […]

>Slotting Pujols

>Way back in 2001, a plucky young writer named Bill James published his magnum opus, his 1,000 page classic New Historical Baseball Abstract. In it, he traipses across baseball history, providing vignettes and anecdotes about the players and events that tickle his fancy. He also spends a good two-thirds of the book explaining his new […]

>Random Thursday: Joe Smarza

>So, this week, fate played a funny joke on The Common Man. When he spun up the randomizer, he found himself face to face with Joe Smaza, an outfielder who got a two-game cup of coffee with the White Sox in 1946. Smaza batted five times, getting a single hit and scoring two runs. Because […]


>Today, as you undoubtedly already know, has been Memorial Day, and if you have served or are serving as a soldier, sailor, marine, or…um…Air Force guy, The Common Man thanks you for your sacrifice. The following entry is offered in the spirit of the day, at the end of the day, because now The Boy […]