>Random Thursday: Eddie and Johnny O’Brien

>As The Common Man wandered, blindfolded, through the baseballreference-verse, this week he stumbled upon the O’Brien brothers on the list of Seattle University products who played in the majors. Indeed, Eddie and Johnny O’Brien, identical twins, are the sole Seattle U Redhawks to make the majors. Johnny and Eddie were both born on December 11, […]

>A Whole Old Ballgame

>On his excellent site, Way Back and Gone, tHeMARksMiTh wrote earlier today about Terry Larkin, an early hurler in the National League who was forced out of the game by an arm injury after tossing more than 1500 innings in three seasons. Larkin descended into alcoholism, violence, and depression very quickly as his career ended, […]

>Random Thursday: June 13, 1995, Baltimore vs. Cleveland

>Do you remember back before the season, everyone was a bit abuzz over Mike Mussina. Lar at wezenball had a post up. Jason at It’s About the Money Stupid, Shyster was weighing in. There was a general desire to assess and dissect the man’s career, to decide his place among the games’ elites. Even The […]

>Funny Business

>Every day from here to there, funny things are everywhere.–Dr. Seuss Manny Ramirez exited, stage left (pursued by a bear?), last week, banished for 50 games for testing positive for a banned substance. Naturally, the next day A-Rod makes his 2009 debut and hits the first pitch he sees for a three-run homerun. A-Rod, at […]

>Random Thursday: Craig House

>Tired of Manny-gate? The Common Man is too (though one of the more interesting takes on it is up on Circling the Bases). And the only cure for that is to fire up the old randomizer. This week, the wheel of destiny landed on Craig House, who spent two terrible months with the Colorado […]

>Manny Being Someone Else

>Dwight Schrute may be the most amusing character on television today (though Michael Scott does give him a run for his money. Militantly productive, anti-social, paranoid, ambitious, and authoritarian, Rainn Wilson’s Schrute is the ultimate terrible coworker. But for all the headaches he creates for his higher-ups with his sexism and his power plays and […]

>When Something Bad Is Actually Good…

>Do you want to have your mind blown? The Twins are counting on Nick Punto and Alexi Casilla to provide passable offense up the middle, in their quest to take home their 5th division title since 2002 (though just their first since 2006). By and large, neither have done anything at the plate. Nick Punto, […]

>Random Thursday: Ben Harris

>At 3:30 this afternoon, The Common Man received a call from The Boy’s daycare asking me to come and pick him up. It seems that purveyors of childcare do not want two-and-a-half year olds with a 102.7 fever around their other kids, no matter how full of good humor they may be. So The Common […]

>Not Crazy About Cuddyer

>Longtime friend of the blog Bill, on his strong new blog The Daily Something, does a pretty nifty job of parsing out the Twins outfield/DH logjam. For The Common Man’s money (of which there is precious little), the best alignments in the near future involve Denard Span/Carlos Gomez/Michael Cuddyer/Jason Kubel vs. RHP and Span/Gomez/Cuddyer/Joe Mauer […]

>Winning Ugly

>The Common Man watched the Twins get bullied around by the Rays’ Jeff Niemann, who seems to have cornered the market on ugly this year. Indeed, The Common Man wants to go so far as to call Niemann the ugliest player in the game today. He’s no Don Mossi, mind you, but at 6’9″, Niemann […]

>A Weekend of Learning

>This weekend was basically cancelled by extreme raininess, so The Common Man stayed inside, watched Twins games, caught random innings of other contests, thoroughly enjoyed watching Wall-E (perhaps the single sweetest movie of all time) with The Uncommon Wife and The Boy. Even stuck inside, The Common Man learned a lot: – Whoever writes headlines […]

>Random (still) Thursday: June 19, 1990, Houston vs. LA

>Tonight, The Common Man almost violated his sacred vow, even though it’s not even a week old. But it is still Thursday dammit, and opine he will about random baseball-ness. After work, The Common Man went out with colleagues, his first post-work bash, and almost slipped away into drunken anonymity. But he didn’t. He stuck […]

>Not Keepers

>Break up the band! The streak is over! No, seriously… Everyone is so bent out of shape over the Marlins’ hot start. Indeed, so hot has Florida been that has named them the #1 team in baseball in their Power Rankings. Well, The Common Man is not fooled. Before the season started, The Common […]

>Seeking Second Cys

>Lar, at Wezen-ball, had an interesting exercise going today, looking to find seasons where hall of famers swept the major post-season awards. Lar identified three seasons, all pre-1967 (which is when the writers began awarding the Cy Young in each league), where three Hall of Famers dominated the categories. But that didn’t seem fair. After […]

>Random Thursday: 1882 Cincinnati Red Stockings

>This vow is what you get from The Common Man: No matter how crazy things get, we will always have Thursdays. The Common Man likes Thursdays and never really know what he’s going to talk about from week to week. So that sticks around. The Common Man will do what he can with the rest. […]