Miami or St. Louis for Pujols?

by Jason Wojciechowski Albert Pujols apparently has ten-year offers for upwards of $200 million on the table from the Marlins and the Cardinals, as well as other teams that might includes the Cubs and the Angels. While anything can happen, the buzz has been around Miami, and counting out a return home to St. Louis […]

Who’s the New Santo?

By BillFor pretty much as long as I’ve been aware of these things, there have been two guys who were, clearly and beyond all reasonable dispute, by far the most worthy eligible players not in the Hall of Fame: Bert Blyleven and Ron Santo. Now, of course, thanks in some part to a big push […]

Hall of Fame Hypocrisy and Witch Hunt Gets An Early Start This Year

By The Common Man Today, the Hall of Fame got a little better with the election of Ron Santo by the Veterans Committee. We’ve been over how good Santo was, and how deserving he is of this honor, but it’s nice to see an ignorant injustice corrected, and TCM commends the 15 out of 16 […]

Stringing Together Question Marks

By Dan Hennessey Once again, this weekend, we welcome in Dan Hennesey, who headed up Baseballin’ on a Budget, the SweetSpot Network’s Oakland A’s blog. Check him out

Enough Positivity. Let’s Mock the Heath Bell Signing

By The Common Man Late last night, news broke that Heath Bell had agreed to terms with the Miami Marlins, who amazingly offered him $27 million over three years, plus a vesting option. This is the second most absurd proposed allocation of resources that The Common Man has ever heard of. The first, obviously, is […]

Friday Forum: Why We Love Baseball

To wrap up our “Why I Love” week of warm-fuzzies (see ’em all here), we asked our staff a to write a few paragraphs on a really simple, intentionally open-ended question:  “What is the one baseball-related thing you love the most, and why?”So before we get back to being hateful bastards, here are each of our […]

Why I Love: Stories

By The Common Man Yet again, we delve into the things we love about baseball in an effort to combat the really disappointing news from around the game in recent weeks, and the potential flurry of negativity we’ll be reveling during the upcoming Hall of Fame debate.  Here are links to our previous efforts, which […]

Why I Love: Minor League Free Agent Signings

by Jason Wojciechowski (Thanks to whichever of my fine fellows posted this for me, allowing me to contribute to “Why I Love” week despite my being 2200 miles from home and without Wifi due to my lack of desire to pay $13 for the privilege of connecting my computer to the internet.) Minor-league free agent […]

Why I Love: NotGraphs

The Common Man has been writing two columns a week (on Wednesdays and Thursdays) over at NotGraphs, by the way, if you had not yet been made aware. And given that this is “Why I love…” week, TCM really needs to tell you how much he loves NotGraphs. While we can get caught up in […]

Why I Love week: True Grit

By BillThis week, TCM and I are ignoring all the horrible things we could be complaining about these days and trying to keep things light and positive. Here’s the first installment, here’s the second.“Gritty,” thanks largely to the brilliant Fire Joe Morgan, is probably the most hated word in the English language to people like […]

Why I Love: Twitter

By The Common Man As Bill pointed out yesterday, we’re trying especially hard to be positive this week about the game we love and why we love it. The Common Man can’t promise to remain completely cynicism-free (after all, The Common Man essentially runs on cynicism), but he’s gonna try his level best. All of […]

Why I Love week: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

By BillSo it’s been pretty gloomy around here lately. On the same day a bit over a week ago, Bill and TCM wrote posts whose titles began with “Why I Hate” — first the new playoff format, then the new draft rules. Last week came the announcement of the new CBA, the magnum opus capping […]

The War of Statistical Aggression

  Somewhere in the lung of Texas,the Traditionalists have met in order to subvert the growing power of theSaberists forces. With Bill James’ armies bearing down in their insurrection,Murray Chass has convened his loyal commanders to repel the rebels as his propagandacampaign has largely resulted in failure and has led to the unfortunatenickname “Blogger Chass”. […]

The new CBA

by Jason Wojciechowski Larry Stone helpfully provided a link to the press release announcing the new CBA between the MLBPA and MLB. The Common Man has already given you his thoughts on the draft bonus cap rules, but I wanted to bang out a point-by-point, because there’s a whole lot to talk about — 4 […]