Euro 2020: Tournament Preview and Predictions

Euro 2020 has been delayed for a year because of the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe. As a safety precaution, the UEFA decided to postpone the tournament to be commenced on a 2021 slate. This delay also has given the teams from the group stage to prepare for the competition.

The national teams who have ascended from the qualifying stage consist of 24 national teams divided into six groups. As the return of the Euro 2020 will begin on June 11, 2021, the fans are excited to witness again the marvel of the long-delayed tournament. Pundits are also excited to predict the advancing teams that will qualify for each round.

There are a few changes done in the line-up of each group to accommodate the revision of the list of venues that the matches will be held due to the pandemic. We list some of the previews and predictions on the Euro 2020 that punters and sports enthusiasts believed too that will happen in the tournament.

Group A

Group A consists of the national teams of Switzerland, Italy, Wales, and Turkey. This group is all about defence and it shows in each team’s line-up. Compared to Italy, the Swiss have a less effective defensive strategy but are strong nonetheless. 

Wales has three clean sheets from its five matches in 2021, Turkey has its own impressive defensive records as well. If we were right, Italy will dominate this group, Wales will come in second, Switzerland in third and Turkey will be in fourth place. 

Group B

Group B is composed of the national teams of Denmark, Belgium, Finland and Russia. Belgium will surely dominate this group due to the FIFA World Rankings. Belgium has also had a tactical advantage over Finland, Russia and Denmark. 

Romelo Lulaku is surely going to be the start of this group as he is groomed to win a Golden Boot award. Clearly, Belgium will top the group, second is Denmark, Russia on the third and Finland will be the last.

Group C

Group C comprised the qualifying teams of North Macedonia, Netherlands, Austria and Ukraine. This is one of the weaker groups in this list, but the Dutch are predicted to be the winner in this group. Even though the Netherlands had a hard time lately in the national competitions they will still manage to compete.

Like Group B, the fans have a single favorite among the other three lesser contenders, either way, this will also be a good competition. The predicted ranking for Group C is composed of Netherlands as number 1, North Macedonia as second, Austria as third, and Ukraine finishing in fourth.

Group D

Group C includes the teams of Croatia, the Czech Republic, England, and Scotland. Group D will open with the rematch of England and Croatia at the Wembley Stadium. Croatia will make it hard for England because the Brits will face intense pressure after being part of the final four in the 2018 World Cup. 

Croatia has a wealth of experience in the larger-game stage than the Three Lions. The prediction will be Croatia as first, England as second, the Czech Republic as third, and Scotland as fourth.

Group E

Group E is the most wide-open amongst the six groups and it consists of the teams of Slovakia, Poland, Spain, and Sweden. When it comes to talent, Spain will dominate this group with the likes of Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba. 

The prediction for this team will be, Spain in number 1, Poland in number 2, Sweden in number 3, and Slovakia in number 4.

Group F

Group F is also known as the ‘Group of Death’ and it comprises the national teams of Hungary, France, Portugal, and Germany. The three contenders France, Germany, and Portugal have massive talents. 

France will dominate the group with Kylian Mbappe and company. Portugal has Cristiano Ronaldo and company to strike a formidable force. Nevertheless, we predict that France will be the first, Portugal is second, Germany is third, and will finish with Hungary as fourth.

The Euro 2020 is expected to be exciting and it is worth the wait. Even if the tournament is delayed for a year, the competition will rekindle why bbc football is the best sport in the world in the post-pandemic era.

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