Exercises That Might Not Be Effective as You Perceive Them

In today’s society, most people are becoming more self-aware of their body’s wellbeing. Compared to past years, the number of gyms and people working out has increased rapidly. The media tends to sell specific images of the perfect body and everybody is working hard to achieve their desired physique. Many workout and exercise routines are there to aid people in focusing on certain parts of the body. Though most of the exercises have proven to be effective, some workouts are exaggerated or not as effective as what some trainers may lead people to believe. Others may be dangerous to the body and when not done properly may cause injuries. You need to know if what you are working hard to do day and night will be for nothing or if you will get what it is worth your hard work. Here are exercises that are not as effective as the majority of people perceives them.


Sit-ups are a very common exercise in many routines in the field or at home. Many people believe that when done regularly, they will get great abs. The truth is that doing sit-ups may be causing you more harm than good. Research done about sit-ups shows that you are most likely to get injured when doing this exercise. This is because sit-ups tend to put tremendous stress on your neck and lower spine, which can lead to injuries such as nerve damage and herniated discs. Furthermore, sit-ups do not create great results since they do not work on the deep abdominal muscles.


Another frequent exercise in many people’s routine is burpees. Many do them since it works on the full body. The reason why they are not great for many people is that they are not done correctly as many lack a coach to offer guidance. Doing them is quite hard and requires a lot of energy and people tend to mistake something challenging to be effective. If you decide to add burpees to your workout routine, it would be wise to have a proper instructor to guide you to get the best results. Having the desired physique means that you have to sacrifice a lot of time working hard at the gym, and you can use this link to find out how you can get your dream body with the help of supplements.

Box Jumps

Box jumps can be quite useful only when done correctly and with the right intensity. It is used in generating lower body power. Though it has worked for some people, it is not practical for everybody. Those who do not use the proper technique while doing this exercise or those who lack enough lower body strength needed can encounter injuries in their knees and lower legs. There are other exercises such as using anti-gravity treadmills that can help you have good lower body strength without potential injuries.


Exercises are vital in attaining a healthy body. You should always seek advice from an expert before trying a new type of workout routine.

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