The Visual kit Changes in the Liverpool FC Apparel over the past few years

Every soccer follower wants to keep himself updated with all the tweaks in the latest team and related factors. Even the smallest alterations lead to huge discussions within the soccer community. But what is it for? Liverpool FC is so popular that even the last pieces of official apparel on offer sell themselves without advertising, it’s about getting the most original ones at least when it comes to the looks. Let’s go through what all changes it has undergone in terms of color, crest, sponsorship and the badge.

The color

Liverpool has its shades of red for home and away kits. The trend had not changed since 1965 when the shorts and pants were changed to red color to match with the t-shirts and jerseys. The red ensemble is more visible in home games while the away kit can change to purple. Earlier, when their team used to play in stripes, there were white and grey accents.

The sponsorship

The sponsorship has also led to some cosmetic changes to the famous uniform of the 80s and 90s. There have been major changes to the name, the badge, the name imprinted on the manufacturer’s column. In 1985, Adidas manufactured every Liverpool FC apparel with Reebok taking over in 1996. Adidas again began its operations in 2006, and again it was replaced by Warrior Sports in 2012. Now, New Balance is a subsidiary of Warrior Sports which has taken over each and every task for Liverpool including the red color on the uniform till date.

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You can see that the sponsorship of Liverpool has changed from time to time, and so has the design of their Jersey. Earlier it displayed Hitachi right in front of the jersey, then it changed to Crown Paints, then it changed to Carlsberg, and finally, they found peace with Standard Chartered. When sleeve sponsors were introduced, Western Union was the name which appeared on the side of the shirts. Each and every sponsorer appeared right from the main uniform to the Liverpool duffle bag.

The crest

The crest of Liverpool FC mainly featured the city’s coat of arms and a red cormorant which is also known as the Liver bird. The city of Liverpool has a sign in the cormorant which is continued since 1892. The two flame structures surround the boundaries to commemorate a certain disaster in the past. The Liverpool football club is actually written on the top again covered by a shield with the Motto of the club above. Although this crest doesn’t appear on the latest uniform, the players now wear a Liver bird with LFC written underneath.

The badge

The Liverpool badge has constantly gone through some changes right from the first adoption in 1991. It was to keep it up-to-date with the latest changes as the English clubs did. The latest badge has been famous for its simplicity with just a red rectangle which contains a yellow Liver Bird. This badge is in action since 2012.

Now that you know how the latest Liverpool team jerseys look like, you might find the differences in original and artificial ones so, while buying anything from the market to make sure that the seller is reputed with all the Liverpool FC apparel in its kit.

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