You Can’t Make This NFL Stuff Up

Cousins Pocket Limitations

Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is more of a traditional pocket passer, and clearly is not known for his running ability.

He showed that during Sunday’s game against the Chiefs, when he took off and should’ve had an easy first down, but a mental error prevented him from moving the chains.

It happened in the first half of the game, with Cousins seeing the pocket collapse on a third-and-six play. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone paying attention to some of the top sportsbook reviews.  He wisely took off running, but for some reason, upon seeing the Chiefs defenders, he elected to slide. The problem was that he was two yards short of the chains, and the Vikings were forced to punt.

Is anyone else getting sick of seeing the punting unit?  Let’s hear it for some red zone magic.

Just How Bad Are the Jets

It’s been a long time since the Jets and Dolphins played a meaningful game, and Sunday’s contest sure wasn’t that.

The only storylines in play were the Dolphins trying to get their first win of the season, and Jets head coach Adam Gase attempting to get revenge on the team he was with this time last year.

And while this divisional rivalry used to feature fans from both teams packing the stands in South Florida — given how many New York transplants live in the Sunshine State — Sunday’s game at Hard Rock stadium was virtually empty. Have a look for yourself.

It’s funny how the powers that be at Hard Rock Stadium tried to post a zoomed-in end zone shot to make it look as if fans were actually attending the game.


Popeyes Pulls Eyes

The Popeyes chicken sandwich is all the rage this weekend, as it was announced that the hot item was finally back in retail locations on Sunday.

And the viral sensation is so hot, that apparently it’s even making an impact on the NFL world.

Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson put together a great performance in Sunday’s 26-3 win over the Jaguars, having completed 22 of 28 passes, with two touchdowns, and no turnovers.

What fueled him in the big performance? It was the Popeyes chicken sandwich, apparently, according to Watson himself.

Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs gave it some love as well, with his cleats.

It’s a magical sandwich, apparently, and Popeyes had to be happy that Watson gave it some shine on live TV.  Is anyone else feeling hungry or is it just me?  What could possibly be next?  I swear, they will always find ways to advertise.  I, for one, am waiting for the day we begin to see sponsored tattoos.

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