Why the youngsters are going to save baseball

It is incredibly easy to look at the modern state of anything and say that it is in terrible shape. The reason it is so easy to do is that nostalgia goggles are very hard to take off. That is what has been happening with baseball nowadays. There are a whole lot of people out there, who are currently talking about how the game is dying and how the young ones are the ones killing it. Those who talk about the death of baseball also mention that the sport is dying because the players are striking out too much, or they blame the fact that the players are not famous enough or they blame the fact that the players are hitting too many home runs, and some are even blaming the fact that most players don’t have scandals released about them. While we understand that it is always fun to see famous people go through a scandal like found to be playing too many free online casino games, we also find it a little strange that many are blaming the masterful performance of the young players for the failing of the sport to remain popular throughout the years. That is not how any of this works. 

The sport is not dying

Baseball is very far from dying, as the stats will show you. There are more and more fans watching the MLB championship every year and there are more people interested in the game every year. It could be said that quite the opposite is happening – the sport is finding a sort of a renaissance of popularity abroad. More people internationally are getting interested in the game, even discounting the countries where the sport has been more traditionally popular such as in South America, Caribbean and Japan. But that is not we are here to talk about. What we are here to talk about is the fact that the sport is far from dying and is actually going through some of the best times it has ever seen. Let us get a bit more specific. 

Kept alive by the younguns

This season might be one of the best seasons to be watching baseball, in the history of the entire sport. And that is saying a lot since the sport has been around as popular entertainment since the 19th century. The young players are the ones making the game as impressive as it is this year. After all, have you been paying attention to all of the high-level performance they have been showing us? Forget Joe Dimaggio y’all, this is the time to start learning the names of Cody Bellinger, Ronald Acuna Jr., Mookie Betts, Fernando Tatis Jr., Mike Trout and so on and so on. These guys are pure star material, players who perform better than the players from the earlier years ever did. The only reason they are not as famous as many oldheads want them to be is that the oldheads are not bothering to learn the names. 

But the numbers are showing that these guys are out of the league of many of the players who used to play. According to the stats, players who are under 25 are the ones who have been producing about 17 per cent of the overall league value. And those who are 25-30 also account for about 30% of the entire WAR, which is, let us be honest, a huge number. What other number do you want? Hitters under 30 account for 45% of all of the WAR in the entire MLB. Is that no more impressive than anything else you have heard throughout the article? 

It is wrong to say that youngsters are killing the sport. It is not even dying. It is just the older fans who are looking at the game with nostalgia goggles and are forgetting that the game progresses and they should be doing the same with it. Watching reruns of the old games does not count as being a fan anymore.